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Corporate Community Development Project

Our project investigates the involvement of mining and tourism corporations in community development initiatives in the Pacific.

This research is being conducted by a team of social science researchers from Massey University who are specifically exploring whether the community development initiatives of mining and tourism corporations operating in Papua New Guinea and Fiji, respectively, can bring about locally-meaningful development. Our research is supported by an Associate Investigator, Professor Anthony Bebbington from Clark University, and by several Fijian and Papua New Guinea researchers who will work with us in conducting field research.

Research aim

To develop an empirically rich and theoretically and methodologically innovative examination of the role of the private sector in community development in rural areas in the Pacific.


  • To document corporate motivations and activities regarding ‘corporate community development’ (CCD)
  • To examine the value of CCD activities from the perspectives of affected communities
  • To work with stakeholders in the mining and tourism industries to develop better practices
  • To contribute to NZ/Pasifika researcher development
  • To revolutionise understanding and conceptualisation of the private sector’s roles in community development

This project is funded by a Marsden Fund Grant, a contestable fund administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand on behalf of the Marsden Fund Council.

PhD research

Emma Hughes
The emerging Post-2015 Development Agenda identifies a key role for the international business community to contribute to global development, yet there has been little consideration of what this means in practice for development outcomes and how positive, sustainable change can be brought about through this model. Multinational business is critical to Pacific economies, with tourism one of the main drivers of growth; if future development is to revolve around stronger, more focussed input from the private sector, then there is a critical need to determine the potential development impact and outcomes of corporate community development (CCD). Through in-depth ethnographic studies of communities involved in the development activities of international hotel chains in Fiji, this research will investigate the benefits of CCD from community perspectives to assess whether locally meaningful development can be achieved. 

Emma Richardson
Mining corporations have a vested interest in supporting the development of local communities as this is a direct means to secure their ‘social license’ to operate. However little is currently known about the real benefits of corporate community development (CCD) initiatives from the perspective of mine affected communities and whether CCD initiatives act to promote local community well-being or long term sustainable livelihoods. This research will explore these issues in an attempt to understand not only the potential constraints and opportunities for the mining industry to contribute to meaningful community development, but also to understand the capacity to promote such development in the face of potentially conflicting corporate motivations and community development aspirations.

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