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Team profiles

Regina Scheyvens Regina Scheyvens
Professor - School of People, Environment and Planning

I am one of the primary investigators for this project. Good things take time, so I worked with Glenn for over a year (while downing numerous cups of coffee and several glasses of wine) to develop this research project. The experience I bring to the project comes from spending the last 15 years or so examining the sustainability and developmental impacts of the tourism industry, with a specific focus on the Pacific region (including fieldwork in Samoa, Fiji and Vanuatu). In my spare time, I head the Institute of Development Studies at Massey University and have the pleasure of teaching a highly motivated and inspiring group of NZ and international students who are all hoping, in some way, to make this world a better place. At home, I am pleasantly distracted from the above by my husband and three rapidly growing children, and one of my favourite recreational activities is sneaking out at night to attend a dance class.

Glenn Banks Glenn Banks
Associate Professor - School of People, Environment and Planning

I am one of the primary investigators on this project and a development geographer who has worked on issues connected to the Papua New Guinea mining industry since the late 1980s. A graduate of the University of Canterbury (BScHons, MSc) and Australian National University (PhD), I am currently an Associate Professor in Development Studies at Massey University. My research is broadly concerned with issues of sustainable development, resource conflict, impact assessment and the global wine industry. Theoretically I seek to foreground community perspectives, agency, politics and practices in development. In my occasional spare time I enjoy riding a bike, travelling a bit, sharing a wine with my wife, and reading, at least until my two daughters want to play or need a lift somewhere.

Sharon McLennan Sharon McLennan
Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer - School of People, Environment and Planning

I am the post-doctoral fellow on this research project, providing research and administrative support to the team. When not organising travel schedules, updating websites and writing for this project I also lecture in the Development Studies programme at Massey University. My PhD thesis, completed in 2012, looked at the on-and off-line networking of volunteer organisations in Honduras, and their positioning following the 2009 coup. While this may seem to have little to do with CCD in the Pacific, the projects are linked by my interest in new actors in development, and in contemporary development processes and globalisation. My work is kept in balance by my fabulous kiwi-latina daughter and her cute but demanding menagerie, copious amounts of good coffee and the occasional run or bike ride.

Emma Richardson Emma Richardson
PhD Candidate - School of People, Environment and Planning

I am a PhD student with the Institute of Development Studies, Massey University. I will be investigating the contested involvement of mining corporations in community development in the Pacific, with a particular focus on Papua New Guinea. This research responds to the need to better understand the impacts of corporate community development from the perspective of people living in communities affected by mining activities. I have a professional background working in the area of resource management in local government in New Zealand, and hold Bachelor of Resource and Environmental Planning Degree (Hons) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Development Studies.

Emma Hughes Emma Hughes
PhD Candidate - School of People, Environment and Planning

My PhD project explores the impact of Corporate Community Development in tourism. Ethnographic case studies at two multinational hotel sites will take me to Fiji in 2014 (with my family who get to come along to help). I have a Masters degree in Development Studies from the University of Manchester and my previous development research in the UK, Chile, Egypt and New Zealand has focussed on gender in development and indigenous activism and development. PhD students don’t really have spare time, but long walks and good books keep me sane.

Anthony Bebbington Anthony Bebbington

I am Higgins Professor of Environment and Society and Director of the Graduate School of Geography at Clark University, MA, USA. I also hold an appointment as Professorial Research Fellow in the School of Environment and Development and the Brooks World Poverty Institute at the University of Manchester (my previous home). My research addresses environmental governance, the political ecology of rural change, extractive industries and socio-environmental conflicts, social movements, indigenous organization and livelihoods. I have done this work mostly in the Andean Region of South America and in more recent years in Central America. One of my great joys has been to do much of the thinking and research involved with Denise Humphreys Bebbington and to watch our daughters develop the same passion for Latin America that Denise and I share.

Advisory group members

Gabriel Eweje - Director, Sustainability & CSR Research Group, Massey University

Gavin Murray - Regional Manager – Pacific, IFC - World Bank

Deanna Kemp - Deputy Director, Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, University of Queensland

Yvonne Underhill-Sem - Director Development Studies, Auckland University

Annemarie Gillies - Director, Maori Business Research Centre, Massey University

Tanira Kingi - Portfolio leader, Maori Agribusiness, AgResearch

CCD advisory board

Left to right: Gavin Murray, Annemarie Gillies, Yvonne Underhill-Sem, Deanna Kemp, Gabriel Eweje.

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