Verified copies

You need to attach verified copies of proof of identity, qualifications you have gained at high school and since leaving school.

What is a verified copy?

A verified copy is a copy of an original document that has been signed and dated (preferably with an official stamp) for authenticity by a person authorised in the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957 as able to take declarations. This person could be a:

  • Justice of the Peace
  • Barrister or solicitor of the High Court
  • Notary Public
  • Court Registrar or Deputy Registrar
  • Member of Parliament
  • Land Transport Safety Authority, Public Trust, government department (including Internal Affairs and Inland Revenue) or local authority employee designated for the purpose of taking oaths and declarations.
When a student is in a remote community and is unable to access a person from the above list, a school principal, minister of religion or general practitioner is acceptable.

A verified copy of a whakapapa statement is acceptable only when a student cannot obtain a birth certificate. Both the student and a kaumatua must sign the whakapapa as evidence of identity and citizenship.

The signatory must identify their official designation on the front of each page of the copy (preferably with an official stamp), sign and date the copy and write the following words (or words to the same effect): "This is a true copy of an original document that I have sighted". All subsequent pages of the verified copy must be initialed by the signatory.

The document with the verification must be received by Massey University and not a copy or fax of the verified copy.

The University does not return verified copies to you. Please do not send original identity documents. If you do send originals, Massey University does not guarantee secure return of these documents to you.

As an alternative to sending in verified copies of your documents you can show the originals to a Massey University staff member who will take a copy of your original documents and will sign and date the copy to show that the original documents have been sighted.

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