List of distance and block courses with printed study resources automatically provided

2018 Semester One and Double Semester

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Course code Course title
175851 Advanced Professional Issues in Psychological Practice Part I
175721 Child and Family Therapy
175737 Occupational Psychology
175748 The Psychology of Organisational Change
175741 Psychological Assessment in Organisations
179355 Field Education I
179789 Field Work Practice I
179455 Field Education II
179782 Social Policy Analysis
179783 Maori Development and the Social Services
179790 Field Work Practice II
251370 Health and Safety Auditing
251770 Health and Safety Auditing
276785 Making Mathematics Accessible
279401 Social Policy Evaluation
125700 Managerial Finance
125740 Advanced Investment Analysis
179896 Thesis 90 Credit Part 1
179897 Thesis 90 Credit Part 2
269332 Maori Issues in Education
118753 Canine and Feline Oncology
118758 Avian Medicine
118761 Canine and Feline Emergency Medicine
118764 Canine and Feline Soft Tissue Surgery
118775 Advanced Mastitis Management for the Production Animal Veterinarian
118779 Advanced Studies in Equine Diagnostic Imaging
118785 Principles of Veterinary Epidemiology
119281 Decision Tools for Primary Industries
119358 Agricultural Production Systems
119729 Research Methods
119752 Advanced Farm and Horticultural Management
148334 Sports History
150106 Nga Hanga Whakairo: Traditional Maori Visual Art
150201 Te Kawenata o Waitangi: The Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand Society
151344 Principles of Nutrition
155700 Fundamentals of Law
160103 Introductory University Mathematics
175317 Health Psychology
175345 Organisational Psychology
179110 Introducing Social and Community Work Practice
179255 Introduction to Field Education
179310 Integrated Practice with Groups and Families
179410 Social Work Fields of Practice
179420 Advanced Social Work Practice
179740 Social Service Supervision: Theory and Practice
179742 Learning in Social Service Supervision
179763 Clinical Practice
179778 Mental Health and Social Work
179781 Social and Community Work Theory and Practice I
179783 Maori Development and the Social Services
179789 Field Work Practice I
179790 Field Work Practice II
188705 Natural Resource Policy
188764 Advanced Environmental Management I
189151 Soil Properties and Processes
190225 Introduction to Research Methods in Aviation
190321 Air Accident and Incident Investigation
190340 Contemporary Issues in Aviation Security
190704 Research Methods in Aviation
214312 Environmental Monitoring and Investigative Methods
214314 Water and Waste Treatment
230110 Turangawaewae: Identity & Belonging in Aotearoa NZ
230111 Tu Kupu: Writing and Inquiry
230210 Tu Rangaranga: Global Encounters
230310 Tu Tira Mai: Practising Engagement
234233 Sport Event Management
234242 Motor Skill Learning
234244 Sport Performance
234338 Sport Management/Coaching Practicum
234738 Advanced Sport Practicum
242305 Readings in Modern Japanese Literature
249744 Understanding Learners with Behaviour Difficulties
251772 Advanced Occupational Hygiene
251773 Hazard Management
253750 Counselling Theory
253754 Family and Couples Counselling
253755 Culture and Counselling
253800 Research Project in Counselling
254773 Educational Policy Analysis
254775 Management of Human Resources in Educational Organisations
257375 Learning English as Another Language
257766 Leading TESOL in Diverse Contexts
257769 Teaching Content to English Language Learners
259771 Educational Leadership in Action
269332 Maori Issues in Education
275102 Human Development
276785 Making Mathematics Accessible
279203 Law, Government and Social Policy
279301 Government Policy, Planning and Administration
279401 Social Policy Evaluation
284101 Production Horticulture
287730 Quality Management
287731 Statistical Methods for Quality
287732 Quality Assurance Project
287735 Quality Improvement
300110 Te Reo Whakahoahoa: Socialising in Te Reo
300210 Te Reo Korerorero: Discussing in Te Reo
300310 Te Reo Auaha: Creative Writing in Te Reo
300311 Te Reo Papa: Strengthening Te Reo

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