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From 2017 we are implementing a new marking scheme for the allocation of final grades and changing some of our terminology. Find out more about these changes and what they mean for you.

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196.207 Biological Evolution (15 credits)

A general review of modern evolutionary biology and evolutionary theories, encompassing micro- and macro-evolution. The course centres on genetic and environmental processes that operate in natural populations and among species. It explores the history and development of evolutionary thinking, the origins and age of life on earth, and prehistoric biodiversity. Other topics include evolutionary changes in DNA, human evolution, origin of life, the nature of species and how species arise. Laboratory classes include a range of theoretical, practical and computing exercises in population genetics, phylogenetics and data management.

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Note: You can't enrol in a 200-level course until you have passed at least 45 credits at 100-level (or above). Additionally you can't enrol for a 300-level course until you have passed at least 45 credits at 200-level (or above). If a course has prerequisites, these can be counted towards the 45 credits.

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