Bachelor of Science (Geography)

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Study our incredible Earth

The Bachelor of Science (Geography) at Massey will take you into the complex world of the Earth’s surface, its history and how it works to create our incredible planet.

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What is it like?

Geography is concerned with the study of the surface of the Earth as people’s home. Its study is based on the premise that all activities, both social and natural, are embedded in specific places and interconnected to other places.

Understand the relationship between people and the Earth

Geography involves the development of a multi-faceted understanding of the local, regional and global processes which shape the changing relationships between people and the Earth.

Physical geography, which is the core of Massey’s Bachelor of Science (Geography), is the science of Earth's natural (as distinct from cultural) features. It is therefore closely related to many other natural sciences, such as geology, pedology, botany, zoology, meteorology, and oceanography. It is a holistic science, studying natural systems in their entirety; it is the science of the environment.

Applied physical geography investigates the interaction of natural and cultural systems, contributing to our responsible use of 'the environment'.

World-ready graduates

With dynamic lecturers, interactive classrooms and cutting-edge equipment you’ll be exposed to the most up-to-date geographical practices and research and join our graduates working all over the world. You could be surveying, analysing hazards, defining geographic place names and more. Or you could go on to postgraduate study and have the opportunity to study abroad in Wales, Japan or Italy.

Hands-on learning

Experience geography up close and personal through the strong hands-on component woven into all of our courses. You’ll attend two dedicated fieldwork courses that involve week-long trips to the Fox Glacier in the South Island and several North Island locations.

Earn more

A Ministry of Education report, undertaken over nine years, showed that those who complete a qualification in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics field of study have high relative earnings after they complete their study. Earnings can be substantially more than other graduates.


Some of the topics taught in geography courses include:

  • Quaternary biogeography
  • Environmental reconstruction
  • Rivers and slopes
  • Climate change
  • Natural hazards
  • Alpine glaciers
  • Geopolitics
  • Critical human geography


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A good fit if you:

  • Enjoy the sciences
  • Are interested in the Earth and its geography
  • Are interested in how humans affect our environment
Jacob Williams
Bachelor of Science
Graduated in 2012
Natural Hazard Analyst

“Studying geography at Massey University was a brilliant choice as the lecturers are great…”

Geography is a great degree, as it teaches you about the Earth’s surface processes and landforms. It allows you to understand the formation of different natural features.

Studying geography at Massey University was a brilliant choice as the lecturers are great, and the subjects varied enough to be interesting, yet specific enough that you can learn a large amount about a given subject.

After I graduated I immediately found a job as a hydrologist for the Horizons Regional Council. This was a great job and allowed me to practice a certain amount of my degree. I have since taken a position as a Natural Hazard Analyst.

This job is pretty much applied geography. I get to study hazards associated with alluvial fans, flooding, seismic events, landslides and storm surge and tsunamis. It requires a good understanding of geomorphology in numerous areas such as the riverine and coastal environments.


With your Massey BSc in geography you are equipped with a broad environmental perspective, especially if you include courses in biology, ecology, Earth science, environmental science, or environmental planning. This qualifies graduates for employment within government departments, the Ministry of Primary Industries, Crown Research Institutes, and regional, district and city councils, or some consulting firms. Some graduates go into geography and environmental teaching in schools and colleges. A pass with good grades can lead to postgraduate programmes, and from there to a career in research or teaching at a polytechnic or university.

The Geojobs book, available from the Geography Programme Coordinator, gives the career profiles of 20 graduates in geography from New Zealand universities.

Previous Massey graduates have become:

  • Coastal researchers
  • Environmental advisors
  • Editors
  • Journalists
  • Environment research officers
  • Resource consents officers
  • A UN Regional Advisor
  • A Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing Analyst
  • Government advisors
  • Natural hazards analysts

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