Bachelor of Science (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)

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Massey University is the only place where you can study logistics and supply chain management as part of a science degree. During your Bachelor of Science (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) you’ll learn how the management of supply chain relationships and optimisation of global logistics are crucial to business success.

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What is it like?

As international business transactions have increased, the logistics of moving materials and products between nations have become more complicated. Logistics is all about coordinating flows from where products are made, all the way through to the end consumer. This is an exciting area that is constantly growing and changing, with new technologies enabling improved efficiencies..

Help maximise satisfaction and profits

The Bachelor of Science (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) will give you the knowledge of logistics and supply chain management you need to be able to help firms improve productivity. The flow-on effect is an increase in the country’s prosperity - helping wider society as well. You will learn how to help firms work together to maximise customer satisfaction.

Get connected

You’ll learn from lecturers who have extensive experience in the industry and study alongside working professionals from a wide range of industries including transport, retail and governmental agencies.

Relevant learning

Our logistics and supply chain programme offers a choice of highly-relevant courses. All logistics and supply chain management courses are taught in conjunction with the part-time graduate diploma that is attended by working professionals. During three-day block courses, you will share a learning environment with practitioners and develop practical skills and an awareness of the industry through discussions of real life cases.

Sought-after skills

Employers consistently seek graduates that are left-brain thinkers with strengths in logical order, sequencing and numbers, so broad scientific knowledge is an added value in their eyes.

What will you l learn?

You will learn how to improve your reflective, evaluative approach to problems, to improve your critical evaluation and come up with innovative solutions. You will learn how to construct logical arguments based on sound reasoning to solve organisational problems and apply best practice techniques to commercial problems. You will gain knowledge in the most recent theories and methodologies and learn how to apply these in the working world.

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science aims to give a broad scientific education and in combination with a major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management provides students the opportunity to gain specialised knowledge directly relevant for the workplace.


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A good fit if you:

  • Think systematically and analytically
  • Enjoy working in a team
  • Thrive in a changing environment
  • Have a global outlook
  • Are working in the industry and wish to increase your skills and knowledge in logistics


Graduates may be employed by domestic manufacturing companies, local government bodies, and large domestic corporations. In addition international firms specialising in logistics and supply chain management often look to Massey University for new employees.

As supply chain professionals, most graduates will be working in a fast-paced commercial environment focused on delivering high levels of customer service. Supply chain professionals are responsible for developing collaborative relationships with other firms and are therefore often required to travel overseas. The role typically requires a broad understanding of the entire firm and interaction with a range of colleagues. This means the supply chain profession is seen by many as a fast track to executive management.

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