Graduate Diploma in Arts (Social Anthropology)

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Get a better understanding of the world

The Graduate Diploma in Arts (Social Anthropology) will give you the equivalent of an undergraduate major in social anthropology without completing a second bachelor’s degree.

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What is it like?

A Massey Graduate Diploma in Arts (Social Anthropology) is a bridging tool for graduates in other subjects to get the equivalent of a major in social anthropology. You can then apply for postgraduate studies in social anthropology if you wish.

Develop your understanding of world cultures

Studying social anthropology will give you a different perspective on world affairs.¬†It develops your understanding of other cultures and ethnic groups, and shows you how your way of life is just one of many possible ways of being human. You’ll learn to challenge your existing beliefs and put yourself in others’ shoes.

Study a wide range of subjects

At Massey you’ll study topics such as politics, globalisation, inequality, human-environmental relations, human rights, indigenous peoples, racism, visual culture, healing systems, food, gender, and ritual and religion.

Learn how anthropologists work in the field

Discover how anthropologists study cultural differences through fieldwork that examines societies across the globe, from hunter-gatherers to industrial nation-states. Massey staff and students are researching in Asia, the Pacific, Europe, Africa and New Zealand.

A good fit if you:

  • Already have a degree in another subject
  • Want to further your understanding of our society and the world we live in
  • Are interested in cultural variation and cultural change
  • Want to better understand other cultures and ethnic groups as well as your own


The knowledge of human behaviour and interactions you’ll gain from the Massey Graduate Diploma in Arts (Social Anthropology) will be useful in almost any career path, anywhere in the world. Popular career destinations for social anthropology graduates include:

  • Human rights and social justice
  • Social work
  • Social and commercial research
  • Education
  • Business and industry
  • Government, diplomacy and policy
  • Foreign affairs
  • Overseas aid and development agencies
  • Health care
  • Non-profit management
  • Marketing
  • Publishing
  • Environmental issues
  • Museum curation
  • Art and heritage work
  • Tourism¬†
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