Diploma in Arts (Theatre Studies)

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Theatre for the real world

Perform the change you want to see in the world with Massey’s unique new Diploma in Arts (Theatre Studies).

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What is it like?

This exciting applied theatre and performing arts course combines theatre for social change with real-world communication techniques. 

Gain critical drama and creativity skills

An endorsement in theatre studies will develop your acting, directing, teamwork, event management and playmaking skills. You’ll be challenged to think critically, write powerfully and learn how to produce compelling creative performances.

Learn from national and international theatre practitioners

You’ll be taught by award-winning and passionate staff. Your lecturers are nationally and internationally known theatre practitioners, who have won prestigious awards in teaching, critical research and theatre practice. Whether you choose to study at Auckland, Manawatu or Wellington, you’ll be working in our custom-designed and well-equipped theatre labs.

Apply it in the real world

This endorsement offers an applied approach to theatre. It focuses on understanding theatre as a change agent, including how actor/director training, playmaking and the study of drama as literature can develop you as a powerful communicator. There is a strong emphasis on real-world applications and on theatre’s role in enhancing society, community and democracy. You’ll be able to apply your new skills to business, community, education and other real-world contexts.

Develop your social responsibility

Several of our theatre courses are driven by the need to cultivate new kinds of communities. You’ll be encouraged to build texts and develop discourses that respond to social, cultural and environmental needs. You’ll not only study theatre as literature, but will explore how it provides access to different kinds of audiences and encourages social responsibility.

A good fit if you:

  • Have a passion for theatre and the expressive arts
  • Want to develop creative and artistic skills
  • Have a strong sense of social responsibility
  • Want to combine study of theatre with an understanding of how creativity works
  • Seek opportunities to explore creative writing and media production in performance settings


An endorsement in theatre studies will develop the creative and artistic skills that are important in many vocations, such as:

  • Writing and directing original theatre
  • Drama teachers in schools and universities
  • Stand-up comedy
  • Communication, journalism and broadcasting
  • Media training

Our students tell us that theatre studies:

  • Builds skills for your CV
  • Makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Increases confidence and creativity
  • Improves public speaking and presentation skills
  • Provides practical project management (problem-solving, deadlines, budgets, goal-setting, directing others, taking direction)
  • Helps you to understand others through a humanities lens - culture, society, difference and empathy
  • Increases understanding and application of multimedia

Lecturer profile

Dr Angie Farrow
Associate Professor

Playwright, teacher and author Dr Angie Farrow has more than 20 national and international prizes to her name. Her creative methods of teaching are attracting not just those studying the arts, but also science and business degree students eager for her creativity to rub off on their studies.

Originally from the UK, it was when Angie started studying to become a teacher at Warwick University that she began writing plays.

Within a few years she had won her first awards, including the prestigious Sunday Times Playwriting Award and a Fringe First Award at the Edinburgh Festival.

Now an Associate Professor in the School of English and Media Studies, Angie is renowned for her theatrical work and has been instrumental in forging new teaching techniques - albeit slightly out of the ordinary.

Regardless of the class, she gets all her students to physically warm up beforehand. She believes it gets the creative juices flowing for all subjects. The word is spreading and her techniques are so popular she has students from a wide range of disciplines wanting to take her classes.

When she’s not teaching, she’s working on her next masterpiece - but like all artists, she is worried her creativity may someday dry up.

So she lives by the encouragement she gives her own students: the only way to find your creativity is to do. If you want to write, write. If you want to act, join an acting group. You can do it!

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