Bachelor of Communication (Expressive Arts)

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Join a unique degree to extend your career options

If you love theatre, performance, creative writing, and making videos or films, but you want to ensure you have broader career prospects, the Bachelor of Communication (Expressive Arts) is for you.

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What is it like?

Expressive Arts is unique in New Zealand and was created in response to student demand. As part of your study, you will be able to devise, direct and write theatre, creative writing and digital video productions.

Hands-on, relevant skills

The Bachelor of Communication (Expressive Arts) allows you to choose to learn from a range of hands-on skills in acting, managing productions, wordsmithing, scripting, storyboarding, and video filming and editing. You will also learn how these fit into the everyday activities of a professional communication practitioner and the leadership skills necessary to effectively manage people.

For example, you might produce a music video, or direct an experimental multi-media show based on your original script. You might be immersed in the techniques of improvisational theatre, including games and spontaneity activities. This is way of unlocking and managing your creativity across other media including creative writing. You might find yourself devising poetry or word-at-a-time stories with team members, or learning how your posture communicates a status instantly to others.

Employment opportunities

85% of graduates are employed within six months of graduation. These graduates are employed across nine different industry categories with more than 60 different job titles.

Choose the creative discipline you love

Students told us they wanted a little bit of theatre, or creative writing, or digital media production, or some combination of all three, but not necessarily to focus just on one. So we invented ‘expressive arts’. We call it the ‘triple dip’ major where you can add as much or as little as you like to your degree from any of the three creative discipline areas of theatre, creative writing, or digital media production. You choose what to emphasise, whether it’s one, two or all three of these areas.

Devise, direct and write

As part of your study in the Bachelor of Communication (Expressive Arts), you will be able to devise, direct, write and produce theatre, creative writing and/or digital video productions.

World leading

Massey University’s business and management studies ranks in the top 250, and its communication and media studies ranks in the top 200 world-wide (by QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) rankings).

A good fit if you:

  • Love drama, creative writing,film-making, crafting images and videos online, or public speaking/debating
  • Are in lots of student clubs and societies at school
  • Enjoy putting on creative events
  • Are interested in a professional communication career with an organisation in the public or private sectors.
Whitney Nuku
Bachelor of Communication
(Media and Expressive Arts)
Account Executive - Field Day

“If you are looking for a degree that gets you an interesting career but is also enjoyable to study, I definitely recommend Expressive Arts …”

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Communication majoring in Expressive Arts and Media Studies, my career in communication has been quite diverse and varied. This suits me well because I like a challenge! I started out as the Maori Communications Advisor at the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, where I used events, publications and videos to try to make NCEA understandable for diverse audiences.

Currently I work for Field Day, an award winning fully integrated creative communications agency based in London, specialising in planning and executing (traffic stopping) creative work to build our clients’ brand reputation. My role involves creative development and management of digital promotions, experiential activations and social media, through research, engagement, analytics and publishing content which is relevant, informative and interesting.

I manage client accounts and I’m also involved in hands-on copywriting for social media, marketing campaigns, website and events, and providing creative leadership to our clients for their website, booklet, branding and other marketing collateral. I coordinate and implement marketing strategy - work that definitely requires creative thinking.

I gained a lot of transferable skills in the Bachelor of Communication at Massey that have helped me perform in my career. Such as using creative writing techniques to make basic product facts or government policies into an interesting read, filming and editing videos to help audiences understand complex information, or coordinating, designing, editing and proofing written and online publications. Plus, Expressive Arts in particular was a lot of fun.


Surveys have shown that today’s employers seek graduates who are collaborative, creative and can communicate well. They want staff who can give compelling presentations, problem-solve creatively, think originally, analyse perceptively, communicate effectively (both in person and on paper) and work well in teams. Learn these skills through expressive arts. When combined with the communication and corporate skills that you learn through your Bachelor of Communication you will have a qualification that can be applied across an amazing range of roles.

Graduates with an expressive arts major are working today in government outreach, social media management, arts publicity, human resources, advertising, marketing and public relations, filmmaking, television and journalism, teaching, theatre and entertainment and creative and professional writing.

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