Bachelor of Communication (Media Studies)

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Create, critique and connect with your media world

Discover how the media shape our society, our culture, our economy and our selves. The Bachelor of Communication (Media Studies) will give you the skills to translate your knowledge into a professional career in media work in a wide range of industries.

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What is it like?

Media studies is a fascinating area of study - ever-changing and challenging.

You will gain a broad-based introduction to both understanding and producing media, including visual images, video, audio and online forms (including television, cinema, newspapers and the internet).

A deeper understanding

The Bachelor of Communication (Media Studies) gives you deep understanding of our information-rich society, and it reveals the power of the media within cultural, social, political and economic spheres. This equips you to advise others on how to engage with the media in productive and positive ways.

You will understand better how decisions on what is communicated, through which medium, can impact on our lives and our understanding of world events.

Media studies is geared towards creating flexible and critical thinkers who are equipped to become digitally literate, politically-engaged citizens.

Sought-after by employers

85% of graduates are employed within six months of graduation. These graduates are employed across nine different industry categories with more than 60 different job titles.

Will you change the world?

If you want to change the world for the better but also want to ensure that you have professional career prospects in the business, government or non-profit spheres, this is the major for you.

Understand and create media

During your study you will have the opportunity for hands-on experience in pre-production, filming and post-production using industry-standard software in digital media labs.

You will couple these hands-on skills with creative ways of employing media texts in meaning-creation. You learn how society and the media interact, how to help interpret the media world for clients and how to work within media-related jobs.

As part of your study you will produce a diverse range of media projects including:

  • short fiction films
  • music videos
  • photography portfolios
  • short documentaries
  • media scriptwriting
  • multimedia installations

A good fit if you:

  • Are passionate about the media’s ability to inform, entertain and communicate
  • Are interested in how the media impact on our lives and our understanding of world events
  • Want to learn the practical, creative and technical skills involved in producing a range of media content
Adelaide McDougall
Bachelor of Communication (Media Studies)
Studio Manager - Transistor Studios film production company

“I am currently working as studio manager at a film production company called Transistor Studios and I LOVE it...”

I graduated from Massey in 2013 with a Bachelor of Communication majoring in media studies with a minor in public relations. Soon after I graduated I flew to New York City to fulfil an internship at a fashion PR Company called PR Consulting. Here I worked with brands such as Vera Wang, J Brand, Acne Studios and many others. During my experience here I often found myself referring back to knowledge I gained at Massey, which I applied to writing press releases about designer shows at NY Fashion Week.

My main responsibilities include assisting in shoots and filming, booking freelancers to assist us in the postproduction of commercials and trailers, and contributing to creative discussion with clients. I was recently involved in a shoot for IMAX, and have previously worked on a Lupe Fiasco music video, a Ray Ban commercial and many other amazing projects. Then at the end of the internship, I applied and was successful in landing a full time job as the studio manager! Film is my passion, so I am very excited to get this position.

I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without Massey. I learnt fundamental skills relevant to both the PR and media industry in New Zealand and overseas, which has now prepared me to be able to participate effectively in these companies.


Media studies graduates have pursued careers in wide-ranging fields such as advertising, public relations, radio, film and television, with government agencies and in teaching.

Our broad-based introduction to media technologies and forms, such as photography, video and audio, provides you with the digital know-how necessary to succeed in a wide range of media functions and careers.

Media studies gives you the expertise not just to work in the media. It provides you with media expertise within any industry or organisation that engages with the media or with public audiences. In today’s media-rich world, that’s almost every organisation. Media studies qualifies you to work in organisations that connect with and advise on the media. This includes media production and post-production companies, advertising and design agencies, government departments, non-governmental and private organisations. These organisations may engage with, produce or circulate media.

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