Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (Mechatronics)

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All things are possible

Will you create the next life-saving device? Or the next iteration of search and rescue robot? Help companies automate their manufacturing processes? All these things are possible if you become a mechatronics engineer.

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What is it like?

Mechatronics engineers are in demand as more and more products and processes are becoming smarter.

What is mechatronics?

Mechatronics deals with integrating mechanical and electronic systems together, including the software to control them. As a mechatronics engineer you will have an understanding of how these come together as you design practical, innovative and intelligent products and processes.

International accreditation

The BE(Hons) programme has accreditation by Engineering NZ as a professional engineering degree under the Washington Accord.

Become a confident, problem-solving employable engineer

This multidisciplinary degree gives you the skills, knowledge and confidence to slot into general industry, to design smart products and to automate their manufacture. It balances the need for a broad engineering education with the demand that, when you graduate, you are comfortable with the practical nuts and bolts of engineering. Through intensive courses and challenging design projects, you will become confident and competitive in product innovation, prototype development and all aspects of mechanical and electronic engineering.

Develop exciting projects, while you study

Some examples of projects undertaken by our students include heavy-duty search and rescue robots, assistive robots for stroke rehabilitation, large scale 3D printers, composite electric vehicles, secure RFID chemical-storage systems, humanoid robots and more.

Earn more

A Ministry of Education report, undertaken over nine years, showed that those who complete a qualification in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics field of study have high relative earnings after they complete their study. Earnings can be substantially more than other graduates. Engineering and building-related fields have the largest earnings premiums over the national median of young graduates.


If you do not have the required subjects Massey University offers various engineering preparatory pathways which will bring you up to the necessary standard. Talk to us to find out more.

A good fit if you:

  • Enjoy solving problems
  • Like working in teams
  • Like the physical process of taking something apart and figuring out how it works
  • Are always coming up with ideas of how to create better products
  • Have a creative streak
  • Do well in science subjects
Akshaya Kumar
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (Mechatronics)
Electronics Research and Development Engineer - Tru-Test Limited

“The mechatronics degree at Massey offered the perfect blend of theory and practical skills with continuous support from lecturers…”

"My lecturers maintained an open door policy and acted as mentors through each project, motivating me to engineer innovatively. With their help, I won the Engineers Without Borders Award in New Zealand, GT Murray award for best presentation for my final year project and went on to publish three academic papers.

During my final year, I was offered multiple jobs through Massey’s great industry connections. After graduating, I started work as an Electronics Research and Development Engineer at Tru-Test Limited. My role has largely comprised of researching and developing new products to meet the ever-changing needs of farmers around the world. I do this via designing electric fence energisers by creating printed circuit boards and verifying designs using simulations. My work brings me great satisfaction as I know that somewhere around the world, a customer is opening a product that I have worked on and it is going to make a positive difference to their daily life.

As I progress through my career, I want to shift my focus towards automated systems. As the industry progresses towards the inclusion of artificial intelligence and automated robots, I want to make sure I am right there in the middle of it, leading the way for the future. With the exposure and opportunities provided by Massey University, I know it’s all possible."


Highly employable and good starting salaries

Engineers are in demand in New Zealand, as there is a lack of qualified engineers in this country. Many Massey graduates are employed before they even graduate.

Worldwide career opportunities

Your Massey Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) is recognised and respected worldwide, opening up job opportunities globally.

A wide range of careers

Mechatronics engineering graduates have a wide range of career options in New Zealand and overseas. They move into industries such as automotive, space, marine, manufacturing, automation and control, horticultural and agricultural-product processing, forestry, medical, health, and many more. 

Positions include areas like:

  • Product, process, and system design engineers
  • Production and operation engineers
  • Electrical and electronics engineers
  • Systems integration engineers
  • Quality and safety engineers
  • Research and development engineers
  • Project supervisors
  • Managers in industries and research institutes

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