Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours (Food Process Engineering)

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The world needs healthy and safe food products and ingredients manufactured on a large scale. New food products pose challenging and exciting process design problems that you can help solve.

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What is it like?

Every day new food products and food ingredients are developed. The large-scale food manufacturing processes needed to bring these safely and sustainably to the world are designed and managed by food engineers. When you graduate from the Massey University food process engineering major, you will have the skills and knowledge to work in and to eventually lead this exciting global industry.

The world’s growing population needs healthy and safe foods and New Zealand is an important link in the global food supply chain to meet this demand.

International recognition

The United States-based Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) accredits Massey’s Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours and its majors. This is one of only a few programmes recognised outside the US. The Food Process Engineering major also has provisional accreditation by Engineering NZ as a professional engineering degree under the Washington Accord, an international agreement (equivalent to a four year engineering degree).  

Massey University is ranked as one of the top 50 universities worldwide for Food Science & Technology (out of 300), according to ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects.

Global opportunities

As a graduate of Massey’s Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours (Food Process Engineering), you could go on to manage the development and implementation or installation of new processing lines and factories producing products meeting the customer requirements in a safe, economical and sustainable way. You could also turn your great ideas into new innovative solutions that can be developed into a business.

The possibilities are endless and your skills can be applied all over the world.


This major has Engineering NZ accreditation.

A flexible start

You can start the food process engineering major at the Auckland or Manawatu campuses but it must be completed at the Manawatu campus from Year 3 Semester 2 onwards.

A good fit if you:

  • Think methodically and enjoy research and engineering
  • Are interested in how raw agricultural products are transformed into high-value, healthy, safe and exciting food products and ingredients
  • Enjoy solving problems with engineering solutions
  • Want to design or manage your own food factory
Camilla Riddiford
Bachelor of Food Technology (Food Process Engineering)
Graduated in 2015
Operations Process Improvement Facilitator, Tip Top

“I chose to study food technology, majoring in food process engineering at Massey because of the food and the people…”

I found the food projects very rewarding. It was great to see the whole new product development process from market research to commercialisation. It's pretty cool to hold something in your hand that you've invented (even if sometimes it didn't taste the best).

The Massey staff were also a major factor in my decision. I felt like the department was always very grounded, willing to help any of my many questions and just keen for a good yarn. It meant that in fourth year the food department became almost like a home away from home. I loved that it felt real. The projects were based on concepts from the real world rather than being theoretical. This meant we could understand why what we were learning mattered. 

My Massey food technology degree taught me to deal well with ambiguity and justify decisions. There isn't a right or wrong way to do a certain project only different benefits and costs. The projects during the course offered us a lot of ownership which was very rewarding. This meant when I started work I felt comfortable to make decisions and recommendations. I currently work with the plant to improve processes so that we can make ice cream more efficiently.


Career options after completing the Food Product Technology major include:

  • Food Process Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Production Supervisor

Academic advice

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