Application for admission & registration on the DClinPsych

All prospective candidates for the DClinPsych must make an application using the form Application for Admission and Provisional Registration as a DClinPsych Candidate. This application articulates the broad academic framework for engagement with the DClinPsych thesis, and secures the support of host supervisors and the academic unit. The application  must be approved by the University’s Doctoral Research Committee before a place on the thesis component of the DClinPsych can be taken up. The DRC2 application should be submitted to the Graduate Research School in the first instance.

Prospective Candidates

Prospective candidates should:

  • Identify and obtain the commitment of a main supervisor
  • Share an outline research proposal (1,000-3,000 words) with the main supervisor revising it as necessary to a mutually agreed form
  • Demonstrate prior and successful entry level research experience
  • Have sufficient, confirmed financial resources for personal support and fees payment for the duration of the research project
  • Provide evidence of adequate competence in English, where English is not the candidate’s first language
  • Familiarise themselves with the Research Ethics, Intellectual Property Rights, Commercial Sensitivity, and Health and Safety guidelines
  • Expect to commit an average of 50 hours study per week for 48 weeks per year for the duration of their programme (maximum 4 years) for a full-time candidate, while part-time candidates should expect to commit 25-30 hours study per week, 48 weeks per year (maximum 6 years). DClinPsych candidates are not permitted to undertake paid employment because of the demands of the course
  • Work with their supervisory team to finalise the joint completion of the Supervision and Academic Performance Statement - Statement of Expectations and the Confirmation of Registration Requirements (Part D and F of the Application for PhD Provisional Registration). Please note candidates cannot enrol in more than an aggregate total of 30 credits of course work (this is a New Zealand Government ruling and these courses must be relevant to the PhD.  If the intention is to do a Thesis with Publication then you will need to become familiar with the guidelines

Main Supervisors

Main supervisors should:

  • Ensure that the proposed research topic is within the scope of their expertise and the academic unit interest and can realistically be completed within the time-frame permitted
  • Provisionally assess the competence of the prospective candidate to undertake a doctoral degree, and check that they meet academic requirements
  • Facilitate the commitment of a Massey co-supervisor
  • Facilitate the commitments of any additional co-supervisors as necessary (for example, from industry, CRI, other universities, other disciplines)
  • Ensure that the University's policies for Research Ethics, Intellectual Property Rights, Commercial Sensitivity and Health and Safety can be met for the proposed project
  • Guide the prospective candidate through the application process, including joint completion of a Statement of Expectations
  • Do not recommended provisional registration for a candidate if there is dependency on a research grant/contract which has not yet been secured

Head of Host Academic Unit/Nominee

Heads of academic unit should:

  • Approve the main supervisor and Massey co-supervisor, ensuring they have appropriate capacity and capability to supervise the doctoral candidate and project within the relevant completion time-frame. If the Head of Academic Unit is the main supervisor then this approval should be the responsibility of the Head of Unit's line manager or the unit's Postgraduate Coordinator
  • Provide an assurance that the Massey postgraduate resource minima and adequate research facilities are available to support the research
  • Agree that the Unit is willing to host the prospective candidate as a member of its research community, and that Intellectual Property Rights, Commercial Sensitivity, Health and Safety guidelines and Ethical requirements will be met
  • Certify the candidate's suitability as a doctoral student

Doctoral Research Committee (DRC) or Graduate Research School (GRS) Administration

The DRC approves or declines the provisional registration of a prospective candidate based on the application. Where provisional registration is approved, the DRC will formally appoint the supervisors and determine the start-date of provisional registration. Candidates will be notified of the outcome of the application for provisional registration in writing by the GRS. The GRS will organise the enrolment for successful applicants. Once enrolled, a fees invoice will be generated and posted to the candidate. Domestic candidates who have never been a Massey student before will also be required to complete an Enrolment Booklet for Doctoral Students and submit evidence of residency.

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