Felix Vaux

Institute for Agriculture & Environment
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Evolutionary lineages and the Diversity of New Zealand true whelks

Research Description
Evolutionary lineages and the Diversity of New Zealand true whelksI am researching the evolution of New Zealand's marine snails and investigating the system as a test of the punctuated equilibrium hypotheses. Issues include variation in rates of evolution, divergence, speciation, and diversification and whether any emergent patterns contradict the assumptions of punctuated evolutionary models. Our work should improve integrated phylogenetic methods involving molecular and morphological data, and it should provide insight into the past and current diversity of New Zealand's marine molluscs.

Research Importance
For evolutionary biology, our study should provide one of the most comprehensive tests of key punctuated evolutionary hypotheses as we can analyse significant diversity in extant species in tandem with evidence from a rich and extensive fossil record.

Personal Description
I am from the UK, pursuing a career in academia as an evolutionary biologist.

A/Pro Mary Morgan-Richards
Prof Steven Trewick
Dr James Crampton

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