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Ebooks can be complicated to use because digital rights management (DRM) technologies have been put in place by publishers to control viewing, copying, printing, and sharing of ebooks. DRM is intended to help publishers prevent copyright infringement of their books.

The Library makes every effort to purchase electronic copies of textbooks. However, to protect their revenue streams, textbook publishers worldwide have been slow to make textbooks available online for libraries to purchase. In many cases, students can purchase their own copies of etextbooks by visiting publishers' websites.

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Using Ebooks

How do I find Massey Library ebooks?

See our How Do I Find Ebooks? page.

What's the difference between downloading ebooks and reading them online?

If you want to be able to read a book even when you don’t have Internet access, you should download it. Otherwise, you can read it online.

Can I download ebooks to computers in the Massey Library or computer labs?

Ebook Library, Ebrary, and eBooks on EBSCOhost ebooks cannot be downloaded and opened on Massey University Library Wāhi Rorohiko (Computer Zone) or other campus lab computers because these machines do not have Adobe Digital Editions installed on them. However, you can either read ebooks online in these environments or you can download and transfer ebook files to a USB drive, then take them with you to open later on your own computer. When you download a book, it will appear as an .acsm file in your network folder.  Cut and paste this file to your USB drive to open in Adobe Digital Editions on your own computer.

How do I download an EBSCO eBook to read offline?

View this Downloading EBSCO eBooks video.

How do I sign in to a “My EBSCOhost account”? Do I really need to create one?

An EBSCOhost account is not related your MyLibrary account or any other Massey accounts. EBSCO requires you to have a personal account with them before you can download their eBooks. If you don’t have an EBSCOhost account, you need to create a new account: click on “Sign In” at the top right, then click “Create a new Account”.

Where did my downloaded eBook go?

If you have downloaded an ebook, look for a file with the extension “.acsm” in your default folder for browser downloads. This .acsm file is your ebook. You need to install Adobe Digital Editions to open this file. Once you have done this, the book (as well as future .acsm downloads) will appear automatically when you open Adobe Digital Editions.

How do I download a book to my iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch?

EBSCO eBooks can be downloaded and read on Apple mobile devices using the Bluefire reading app available for free from iTunes. You will also need an Adobe ID.

View this video: Download EBSCOhost eBooks on your iPad (also applicable for iPhone and iPod Touch).

View this tutorial: How can I download EBSCO eBooks to an Apple device and read them using the Bluefire Reading app over a wireless connection?

How do I put EBSCO eBooks on my Kindle?

You can send portions of EBSCO eBooks to your Kindle. Download and save as PDF files the content you wish to send. Then see Amazon’s Send to Kindle page.

How do I download a book to my Android device?

EBSCO eBooks can be downloaded and read on an Android device using the Bluefire reading app available for free from Google Play.
View this tutorial: How can I download EBSCO eBooks to an Android device and read them using the Bluefire Reader app?

How do I download and install Adobe Digital Editions?

Adobe Digital Editions is the software needed to read many downloaded ebooks. Learn how to install it at How Do I Install Adobe Digital Editions?

Can I print pages from the Library’s ebooks?

Yes, you can print pages from all of our ebooks. Some publishers only allow you to print one section at a time. Other publishers limit the number of pages that can be printed. 

How do I print an EBSCO eBook? How much of each EBSCO eBook can I print?

Learn about printing at How Can I Print or Save EBSCO eBook Pages as a PDF?

If I add notes or highlights to an ebook I have downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions, will these disappear after the loan period finishes?

Any notes or highlights you add to Adobe Digital Editions will disappear once the loan period on the ebook has ended. They will not reappear if you download the book again. If you are reading an EBSCO ebook online, you can sign in to your EBSCOhost account to create and save notes that will last indefinitely.

Can I place a hold on an ebook?

At the moment, there is no way to place holds on ebooks.

Can I renew an ebook I have downloaded?

You cannot renew an ebook you have downloaded into Adobe Digital Editions. The book will disappear once the loan period has ended. However, assuming there are copies available, you can immediately download the book again.


Sometimes when I open an eBook record I get a message saying the simultaneous user limit has been reached. What do I do now?

Most of our ebooks have no user limit, but there are a few that do. This could be because publishers have put limits on individual titles, or because we have ordered a title outside of a package and designated a limited number of users for that title. You need to check back again later to see if a copy has been checked back in or the loan has expired.

When I’m reading an EBSCO eBook online, a new PDF opens every time I turn a page.

Find out how to fix this problem.

I have installed Adobe Digital Editions and downloaded an eBook. Why is nothing appearing in my Adobe Digital Editions library?

You probably need to authorize your computer to read protected content. To do this, open Adobe Digital Editions. Click “Help” and select “Authorize Computer”. In the window that opens, tick the box in the lower left corner that reads “I want to authorize my computer without an ID”. (Alternatively, if you have an Adobe account, enter your Adobe ID and Password.) Click “Authorize”.

I’ve followed all the steps to download an eBook to my mobile device, but when I open Bluefire Reader, I get a “no tokens available” error message.

This means that Bluefire has not yet registered that a book has been downloaded. Closing and then opening the Bluefire Reader app a few times should solve this problem.

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