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Have at least one water fountain on each level!
More food at Café.
Better temperature control (too hot in summer, too cold in winter).

Thanks for your suggestions.

I know that water fountains are always in demand so we will have a look at what else can be done to provide more.  

The food at the café is not something the Library can control but we will certainly pass your feedback on to the contractor. Good news is that the Café is being moved shortly to the ground floor so this may also result in an increase in capacity.

The building temperature is also a tough nut to crack as the heating and ventilation systems are old and difficult to adjust, but your feedback will be useful in asking for improvements to be made.

Heather Lamond
Associate University Librarian Client Services


Could the clocks on level 4 and 5 of the library please be replaced with digital clocks? The analog clocks are super noisy and distracting while students are trying to focus.

Thank you

Thanks for your comments about the clocks. We used to have no clocks in the library because of the time and effort required to keep them running, keep them on the correct time, and change the time 2x per year at Daylight Saving. However, we had lots of requests  for them from students. For the time being we will remove the clocks on the quiet study levels. Most people have mobile phones, laptops or a watch these days and I appreciate that the ticking is probably annoying in the silence.

Amanda Cooper
Albany Campus Librarian


(a)    Better cleaning of men’s toilets under main stairs. They smell strongly of ammonia.

(b)    The state of toilets are unacceptable. Especially those in the Library! They are very dirty and gross to use! It’s difficult to even breathe in them. We pay our fees and would like at least the toilets to be clean and hygienic!!!

The number of people using the facilities is extremely high at this time of year. We clean the toilets when cleaning the building starting at 4.00am each day and then again through lunchtime. We are always willing to assist and help with these areas, in future if this problem occurs again please have no hesitation to contact our OCS supervisor at Massey via the Facilities Helpdesk (ext 82288) and we will attempt to fix the concern.

Grant Eglinton
Contract Manager OCS


I would like to ask for clarification in regards to children within Massey Library.  I myself am a mother and I adore children, but my concern is the consideration for students who are studying in the library, which is though of as a place for quietness and study.

I know there are areas of quietness where collaborative discussions are refrain from and quietness is a must. However, a baby crying and a child talking can be heard throughout the whole library. I have seen this last week and also this week, and i believe students using the library and outsiders as well bring their children, and i am not sure about the staff as well.

All i ask please is for some consideration. The children's parents should be considerate of us students using this time in , for the poor kids are just kids. They are to make noise as they are children, and its not their fault they are at the library. I don't know the situation in which justifies the bringing of the children to the library and I do sympathize with reasons but as a student, i also do ask that parents are considerate with us and be more mindful

Just now a child keeps crying in the library. It is really distracting and it does not help with studying. I feel for the poor child, but shouldn't the parent be tending to the child at home or see to her/him being taken cared of, at the same time, be considerate of us here at the library.

I stay late at the library to study because of noise at home, but to think that this could hinder my concentration, i sincerely hope you could assist and kindly ask the children's parents for some consideration. there is a room allocated for studies for parents with children in the library, if that could help. The library i am referring to is the Wellington Library.

Thank you

Thank you for contacting us with your concern.   It is intended that the Library is a safe and appropriate place for all students and staff.   We do allow parents and children in the Library but we expect the parent/ caregiver to adequately supervise and look after their children, it is their responsibility to do this, not the Library staff or fellow students.  We also have a parent room on Level A of the Library where parents can study with their children on the understanding that the care of the children whilst using the room, is the responsibility of the parent.

I’m aware of the parent so I will speak to them when they are next in the Library and remind them that they are most welcome to use the Library, with their children, but they must be aware of other students and ensure their children are supervised at all times and not a disturbance to others.

Thank you for raising this with us and helping us provide a conducive study space here in Wellington.

Kind regards

Ursula Clarke
Campus Librarian
Wellington Campus Library


Why were the big groups of four flat tables removed from the third floor? It now makes it very difficult to access the plugs along the wall, and there are very limited numbers of plugs. And it is a nightmare for the person sitting right next to the plug.

Nearly everyone uses a laptop to study now, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so from lack of plugs, and lack of flat tables.
The desks with the alcove don't fit many laptops under them, so people tend to not use them.

If anything, it would be nice to have four point plugs and extension cords around the third floor, attached to the walls or something so they don't go missing, but so everyone can access a plug.

Thanks for your feedback and my apologies for the delay in responding to you.

We are constantly trying to balance the demand for quiet individual study space with group study space, and there is no doubt that the current layout of the Library building poses us some challenges.

I can see there are still some larger groups of tables on level 3 but acknowledge that we are trying to establish that floor as a space for quiet, individual work and the carrels (desks with covers) help to indicate this - but they are no longer fit for purpose with the use of mobile devices etc. The good news is we now have some funding to progressively replace our outdated furniture with something that is more fit for purpose and will be progressively doing this over coming months and years. The issue of power is harder to address but we will continue to look for options to provide as much power to study spaces as we can.

Again, thanks for your feedback - it is important that our clients tell us what you'd like to see us provide, so we can make plans to address those needs.

Kind regards
Heather Lamond
Associate University Librarian – Client Services


You guys should regularly check the expiry dates for the vending machine foods. Had food poisoning today from consuming one of the chocolate milk.

Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. Library staff don’t have access to check expiry dates of food in the vending machines but your concern has been passed on to the provider of the service. If you have any concerns or issues in the future we recommend you liaise direct with the vendor (contact details are on the machines) or through the Manawatū Campus Registrar’s office.

Heather Lamond
Associate University Librarian – Client Services (Campus Librarian Manawatū)


What are the chances of Massey installing Spotify software on the library computers?

You submitted the following request to Massey University Library:  “What are the chances of Massey installing Spotify software on the library computers?”

The Library’s student-use computers are managed by Massey’s IT Services.  The Library only requests software to be installed on them if it’s needed for learning or research, so I’ve forwarded your request on to IT Services for their consideration as they may be happy to install it. However, in all honesty I’d say the chances aren’t very good, as there’s a lot of demand for software installations on these computers and study-related software gets priority. On the plus side, it should be possible to run Spotify via a web browser on our computers.

Tim Darlington
Digital Services Manager


Hi there

On Thursday evenings i have a 6-pm lab which is in the main part of the campus so is a decent walk to the car park in the dark that late.

However, this Thursday been (30th march) i finished my lab at 9 pm to walk out to a pitch black campus with no lights on which i feel is not right! It is usually a 5 minute walk to the car park and with no lights on (street lamps) it makes the walk more dangerous. Sure i had my torch on my phone being used but the street lamps are there for a reason on should be left on for the safety of your students.

I suggest you fix the problem and leave the lights on for the students who finish late so it is a safe campus to be on. (also the lamps in the car park)


Street lights are currently programmed on a computerised Building Management System as per the following:

Switch on:    6:00pm
Switch off:    0:645am

The date today is 27th April, hence very difficult to comment on lights not operating at 9pm.
A simple call [immediately] to the Security Staff (extn 85030 or 350 5030) would have initiated a maintenance call to the Facilities Services Duty Manager who can check the lighting remotely via a laptop and correct the problem.

David Webb
Building Maintenance and Contracts Manager

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