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In exchange for granting me as (i) a registered student of; or (ii) an instructor or researcher employed by Massey University (“DGI”) within New Zealand (hereinafter: “Territory”), use of certain SAS Institute Inc. (“SAS”) software licensed to the DGI (“Software”) the right to possess, install and use a copy of the Software on my laptop or personal computer for home use within the Territory

By completing this form, I (you) agree that:

  1. The Software is the copyright property of SAS. Neither I nor the DGI own the Software or any copies thereof which are being provided to me.
  2. DGI licences the Software from SAS and annually pays licence fees for a limited number of copies in accordance with DGI’s licence agreement with SAS. I will not copy the Software and will not permit access to the Software by others.
  3. Source code underlying the object code provided with the Software is trade secret of SAS and its licensors which I am not authorized to access. I will not reverse assemble, reverse engineer or decompile the Software or otherwise attempt to access such source code.
  4. I am hereby notified that United States export laws and regulations apply to the Software, and I agree to comply with these and other applicable export and import laws and regulations. I understand that any commercial or profit-making use of the Software is strictly prohibited.
  5. When I am not longer a registered student of the DGI, or when requested to do so by SAS or DGI, I will return the Software to the appropriate DGI official, delete any images of the Software in my possession and stop accessing the Software.
  6. If I violate any of the above terms, DGI has the right to take disciplinary action against me and SAS has the right to take legal action against me.

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To use SAS on your home computer, please ensure your computer meets the minimum requirements as specified on the SAS website.

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