Criminal and Traffic Convictions (Security) Check

Any position with a high level of accounting and financial responsibility and any role that has financial delegated authority to approve expenditure and/or has a moral or ethical responsibility and/or an element of pastoral care in roles that deal with vulnerable individuals, shall provide a security check of any criminal/traffic history. This provision shall apply to all positions as identified in the summary of the suite of pre-employment checks.

All positions requiring a criminal and traffic convictions (security) check will have this requirement included in the job description. It is important to note that this check will be required for the position not the applicant i.e. all preferred applicants will be subject to this check regardless of whether they are an external or internal applicant.

For clarity, overseas applicants who have had criminal history checks carried out as part of the New Zealand Immigration requirement in order to take up an offered appointment at Massey University will be considered to have met the criteria above.

The Chair of the Selection Committee (Manager) will ensure that ‘Section 2: Third Party Details’ of the Ministry of Justice Criminal and Traffic Convictions (Security) Checks (Priv/F2) form is completed and attached to the ImpelHR approval documentation. The Priv/F2 form requests details of the preferred applicant’s criminal and traffic history under the Official Information Act 1982. This semi completed form will be loaded onto Impel as an attachment by the hiring School/Institute/Service.

A. Priority Service

Managers may choose to use Massey University’s online subscription with the Ministry of Justice which will enable the Criminal and Traffic Convictions (Security) to be completed and returned via email to the University. Should this option be chosen, there is an associated cost that will be met by the hiring managers budget.

Please note that some changes have been made to the priority service by the Ministry of Justice. 

Choice of three service levels 

Previously, there was only 5 – 8 working day turnaround time; however, under the new service, a manager is able to choose from three service levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze as explained below

Service Level Turnaround time Cost per request (excl GST)
Bronze 15 working days $8.50
Silver 10 working days $14.00
Gold 3  working days $20.00

The cost for the selected service level will be invoiced from the Ministry of Justice to People and Organisational Development on a monthly basis. This cost will then be forward to the appropriate manager's budget via internal transfer.

To access this service, please complete the ‘Criminal Convictions Check - Fast Track’ Form attached below and email to  

Upon receiving the form, the Ministry of Justice will forward the completed check by email to the staff recruitment  section ( at People and Organisational Development which will then be passed on to the hiring manager along with a request for the account code for this expense to be charged against. 

Process to validate the applicant’s identity

There is also a change in the process to validate the applicant’s identity. Scanned copies of ID are no longer required if you are able to confirm that you have seen the applicant’s ID and are satisfied that the applicant is who they say they are. For example, you can compare the photo on the ID to the applicant when you meet face to face at the interview. Where this isn’t possible, you’ll need to compare the applicant’s signature on the application form against the signature on their ID.

For further information on the fast track process please view ‘Criminal Convictions - User guide for Priority Service’ below which provided information on how to complete the ‘Request for Criminal Conviction History – Third Party’ form correctly.

B. Start standard process early, at short listing stage

Alternatively, as the process of requesting this check could potentially add time to the appointment process of up to a maximum of 20 days, managers may consider requesting Criminal and Traffic Convictions (Security) checks for all short listed applicants through the standard process (using the Priv/F2 form) prior to interviewing.

C. Standard process (up to 20 working days)

The Chair of the Selection Committee shall ensure the preferred applicant completes a Criminal and Traffic Convictions (Security) Check Form (Priv/F2). The preferred applicant will complete Sections 1 and 3 of the form and send this by post only to the Ministry of Justice for processing. The Ministry of Justice can be contacted on:

  • Post:  Criminal Records Unit
              Ministry of Justice      
  • Email: (for enquiries only, not to be used to send criminal history checks to)
  • Fax: +64 918 8974 (for enquiries only, not to be used to send criminal history checks to)

The Ministry of Justice will process this form free of charge and provide their response to the Chair of the Selection Committee usually within 20 days.

The normal University approval process for the preferred applicant can commence immediately. However if the Criminal and Traffic Convictions (Security) check is not yet received back from the Ministry of Justice by the time the offer is ready to be made in writing, then the offer of employment must be made expressly conditional on a satisfactory check by the Ministry of Justice and the need for the security information to be received and considered by Massey University to meet the University standard. Please note that if a conditional offer of employment is extended and accepted by an employee, they must not commence duties before the information has been received and considered by Massey University to meet the University standard unless this on a casual employment agreement basis. Should this option be chosen, then depending on the position, the casual employment agreement may be limited to duties that would not be relevant to the outstanding Criminal and Traffic Convictions (Security) pre-employment check.

Should the check result in evidence of the preferred applicant having a previous criminal conviction or other record of offence, this shall not in itself be a barrier to employment. The hiring manager will however be required to give consideration to the extent to which the record is in conflict with the requirement of the role and whether it undermines the credibility of the person to undertake the role. Approval from the relevant Senior Leadership Team (SLT) member (in consultation with the Employment Relations Manager) is required to appoint a prospective applicant with any convictions recorded on their security check. 

The appointing manager will send any appointment files where a criminal or traffic history is evident, to the relevant SLT member for consideration and will also check the initial application form to ensure that correct information was disclosed with regard to previous convictions. Should the applicant already have signed the letter of offer and the University subsequently receives a Criminal and Traffic Convictions (Security) check that provides evidence of the new employee having a previous criminal or significant traffic history, then in line with the Employment Relations Act, the University will consult with that employee before making and advising any final decision not to commence permanent employment.

The Process Map of Criminal and Traffic Convictions (Security) Checks illustrates the process to follow when completing this check.

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