Health Assessment Pre-employment Check

Where a position requires a particular health capacity for safe performance of duties then the health requirement is to be included in the job description.

The Chair of the Selection Committee will be responsible for checking that applicants have the required capacity to perform the duties for which they have applied i.e. before the appointment recommendation is made.  For example colour perception for staff working with electrical systems may be a position requirement, which may require an applicant to undergo an eye examination.

Professional medical opinion should be sought if there is uncertainty as to an applicant’s capacity to safely undertake the health capacity requirement of the position. Usually the self disclosure and assessment on the application form by the applicant will be sufficient. A pro-forma letter of request for a Doctor’s Opinion is available below which will require modifying to reflect the nature of the job.

Health Assessment Letter

If a health check is required and the health check is not yet received by the time the offer of employment is ready to be made in writing, then the offer of employment must be made expressly conditional on a satisfactory health check and the need for the health report to be received and considered by Massey University to meet the University standard. Please note that if a conditional offer of employment is extended, and accepted by an employee, they must not commence duties before the information has been received and considered by Massey University to meet the University standard unless this on a casual employment agreement basis. 

Should the check result in evidence of the preferred applicant having a health condition, this shall not in itself be a barrier to employment. The hiring manager will however be required to give consideration to the extent to which the record is in conflict with the requirement of the role.  Vice-Chancellor approval is required to appoint a prospective applicant with a health check that does not meet University standard.  

The appointing manager will send any appointment files where a health condition is evident, to the Vice-Chancellor for consideration and will also check the initial application form to ensure that correct information was disclosed with regard to previous convictions.
Should the applicant already have signed the letter of offer and the University subsequently receives a health check that provides evidence of the new employee having a health condition, then in line with the Employment Relations Act, the University will consult with that employee before making and advising any final decision not to commence permanent employment.

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