Pre-employment Checks

To maintain a high standard of integrity, expertise and good character in all staff appointments to Massey University, a suite of pre-employment checks for prospective appointees has been established for particular positions within the University.   

All applicants shall be subject to the following pre-employment checks prior to the commencement of employment at Massey University:

In addition, should the position be classed as ‘high risk’ then the applicant shall also be subject to:

‘High risk’ refers to any positions that

  • Have moral and/or ethical responsibility areas where people are dealing with vulnerable individuals.
  • Have a high level of accounting and financial responsibility and any role that has financial delegated authority to approve expenditure.
  • Positions with high level access to University systems and commercially sensitive information such as core IT systems or treasury functions. 

Should a position within the University fit the definition of ‘high risk’ then this position will be subject to one or more of the additional pre-employment checks as identified in the summary of suite of pre-employment checks.  

Safety checking of children’s workers under the Vulnerable Children Act 2014

In addition to the checks above, as of July 2015 the University is now required to meet the provisions of the Vulnerable Children Act 2014.  The Vulnerable Children Act 2014 requires safety checking of people employed or engaged in work that involves working with vulnerable children as part of a specified organisation providing regulated services in order to reduce the risk of harm to children in support of the Government priorities for improving the wellbeing of vulnerable children.

A children’s worker or core children’s worker as defined under the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 must undergo specific safety checks prior to employment.  A children’s worker is one providing a regulated service in a specified organisation. Massey University per se is not a specified organisation except in situations where it is state funded (whether directly or indirectly) to provide a regulated service.

For further information on the requirements of this check and process involved, please view the Safety Checking of Children’s Workers under the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 and the Procedures on Pre-Employment Checks for Prospective Appointees.

Pre-employment checks

Hiring managers should plan up-front so that any required pre-employment checks are clearly identified and the appropriate forms and procedures are ready to go at the critical time. This will enable the hiring manager to move quickly to offer employment once a preferred candidate is identified. It is recommended that:

(a)    When the Job Description is drafted, the required pre-employment checks should be identified. This will also enable the required check to be included in the Application Form in ImpelHR.

(b)    The following checks may be commenced at the short-listing stage, by –

(i)     Contacting the HRHelpdesk to ascertain whether the candidate has previous employment at Massey;

(ii)    Asking the candidate to bring to the interview or to sign at the interview, the following (as applicable):

  • Consent Form for Security Check
  • Consent Form for Credit History Check
  • Proof of Identity (Passport, birth certificate, NZ Driver’s Licence)
  • Qualifications for copying and certifying or certified copies of qualifications
  • Consent to Health Assessment Check (modify the pro-forma template to reflect the requirements of the role)

The summary of the suite of pre-employment checks identifies the level of verification needed depending on whether the position is academic, professional services or management and is available for a quick easy guide for hiring managers and recruitment co-ordinators.

In addition, the policy and procedures below contain detailed information for the hiring manager on each of the pre-employment requirements and provides guidelines to follow when commencing a recruitment and selection process.  

As well as the procedures document, the following process maps have been created to illustrate the processes of the credit, security and previous employment at Massey University checks.

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