Good human resource management practice, equal opportunity considerations and legislative obligations require that all vacant positions be advertised with the exception of:

  • It is intended to fill the vacancy on a temporary basis (a period of twelve months or less)
  • Circumstances are such that the Vice-Chancellor accepts a recommendation to appointment by invitation
  • Where the position has been advertised relatively recently, such that it is highly unlikely that further advertising will draw further suitable applicants than were received on the earlier occasion, and a suitable candidate has been identified. Recency will vary for particular roles – for example for roles for less hard-to-fill roles this will be circa the last three months, but for more hard-to-fill or critical roles this could be as long as circa 9 months, and circumstances arise where it is important to fill the role quickly, then following consultation with your HR Advisor an appointment can be made without re-advertising.

Please note;  if a role is to be offered to a candidate who requires a visa to allow them to work in New Zealand, Immigration NZ requires that we provide evidence that we have given New Zealanders the opportunity to apply for the position, therefore it must have been advertised appropriately – even if the role is a fixed term for less than 12 months.

Placement of advertisements

The advertisement does not have a word limit and is designed to attract a pool of quality applicants for the position. The advertisement will be full text and exclude the position, department and Massey University name. Contact details of a person within the department who can provide further information on the position and the department can be included.

Media placements are determined by the hiring manager and the Staff Recruitment Advisor for the most suitable and cost effective placements.

For all recruitment campaigns, media advertising can be complemented with a formal departmental search process co-ordinated by the Selection Panel Convenor. This should include identifying other mediums for advertising positions e.g. email mailing lists and professional networks.

When specialist websites or other niche advertising mediums are being used to promote a vacancy, that do not involve a cost to the central budget, departments may manage the advertising directly. Central management of this kind of advertising can cause delays as our advertising agency is not likely to have relationships with such organisations. When local Departments choose to manage the advertising themselves, Massey branding must be used and it is not possible to charge the central budget for any cost incurred.   

At all times these mediums should direct potential applicants back to our Careers website to apply for the advertised position.

Professional services vacancies Grade D and below are advertised internally first for two weeks on the internal website. Should the internal promotion of the vacancy be unsuccessful the position will be advertised in the external local media.

Academic vacancies can be advertised on the internal vacancies website on request. 

Candidate Sourcing

The Staff Recruitment Team now has the capability of sourcing candidates via proactive recruiting techniques which help to target the passive candidates. Our Staff Recruitment Advisors can carry out search for the ideal candidate, at no extra cost, at the same time when the department is running the advertisement campaign.  Feel free to contact the Staff  Recruitment Team at should you wish to utilise this service.

Using recruitment agencies

In some circumstances it may be appropriate for departments to use the services of a recruitment agency. Where this is a consideration, your HR Advisor and the Staff Recruitment Project Manager will be able to advise on the options available. The cost of using an agency may have to be met by the department.

Cost of advertising

The University aims to balance the need to recruit the best qualified applicants available while keeping costs to an acceptable level.

People and Organisational Development manages the recruitment budget on behalf of the University and follows the advertising guidelines listed below. Departments will be asked to contribute where the needs are deemed higher than that available from the central budget. This is also likely to be the case in situations where a position requires re-advertising.

For externally funded positions (i.e. research projects) all recruitment expenses will be met by the funding body, not by the University recruitment budget and the choices are at the budget centre managers discretion.

Should repeat advertising be required it is usually unwise to repeat the same recruitment strategy. Either the HR Advisor or the Staff Recruitment Advisor can advise of alternative approaches.

Advertising guidelines

The following guidelines are in place, but can be modified for the needs of an individual vacancy. If you feel that the position should be advertised in additional media this is possible, with the additional cost being covered from your departmental budget, if this is the case then this will be discussed with you by the Staff Recruitment Advisor.

All advertising of vacancies are handled by Staff Recruitment Coordinator to ensure consistency in branding and costs are managed. Departments are not to arrange advertising independently.


What POD will pay for

Less than Grade E

Placement on Seek, LinkedIn and Massey Careers websites

Grade E or above

Placement on Seek, LinkedIn and Massey Careers optionally on one national website

Assistant Lecturers, Tutors and Senior Tutors

Placement on Seek, LinkedIn,, Workhere, Massey Careers and optionally on one national website

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Not covered by central budget, at budget centre managers choice

Lecturers and above

Placement on Seek, LinkedIn,, Workhere, Massey Careers and up to 3 national websites or newspapers and also up to 3 international websites

Head of Departments/Professors/Chairs/Senior Executives/Directors

Sometimes handled by the Staff Recruitment Team, sometimes handled by Recruitment Consultants, please discuss this with your HR Advisor / Staff Recruitment Advisor

Vacancies targeting Maori or Pacific applicants

Placement on either or, in addition to the standard offerings available within the POD budget

If you have any questions regarding suitable places to advertise or queries on advertising positions please contact the Staff Recruitment Team at

Massey Contact Centre Mon - Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm 0800 MASSEY (+64 6 350 5701) TXT 5222 Web chat Staff Alumni News Māori @ Massey