ImpelHR FAQ's

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What is ImpelHR?

ImpelHR is Massey's online recruitment system that is used to obtain approval, advertise and manage vacancies. This system includes an external website for applicants to view vacancies they can apply for, as well as an online application process.   

What do I need to know as the administrator/secretary responsible for recruitment in my school?

Within ImpelHR this role is known as the Department Recruitment Coordinator.

ImpelHR system tasks commonly performed by the Department Recruitment Coordinators are:   

  • Create first draft requests for new positions requests and in preparation for the Head of School's review
  • Print and circulate copies of applicant information to the selection committee if required
  • Maintain statuses of the applications and applicants
  • Prepare shortlisting and appointment recommendation requests

What do I need to know as a Head of School?

Within ImpelHR this role is known as the Head of School. Heads of School (HoS) or equivalent are able to undertake all tasks that their Department Recruitment Coordinator can. In addition, the HoS undertakes the following tasks: 

  • Review and refine job descriptions, including any required pre-employment checks
  • Review and refine advertising media
  • Review budget availability for the role
  • Ensure the selection committee, and chair of the committee are appointed and are available in the expected timeframes for the selection process
  • Add or remove rating questions
  • Complete the supporting statement field, which provides the case in support of the request
  • Add/Edit Position Notes as needed.
  • Change the status of the new position request from either 'draft' or 'proposed' to 'requested', when the position information is ready for their SLT member to consider

What do I need to know as a member of SLT?

All tasks that can be performed by Department Recruitment Coordinators and Heads of School can be undertaken by the SLT role. In addition to these authorities, SLT members undertake the following tasks:

  • Select either the “Approved” or “Not Approved” link
  • Approve appointment recommendations

When a decision on both of these requests are made, registered school users, Staff Recruitment Team and HR Services receive an email notification to enable the next process to begin.

What are the different stages of the recruitment process?

Vacancies move through a number of different stages during the selection process:

  • Draft - The initial stage when this position request is being developed
  • Proposed - The position request is with the Head of School for completion and consideration
  • Requested - The position request is with the SLT member for consideration
  • Approved/Not approved - The position has been either approved or not approved by the SLT member
  • Advertised - The position is currently being advertised, either internally or externally
  • Processing - The closing date has passed and the selection process is underway
  • Completed - The selection process is complete and a letter of offer has been accepted
  • Archived -  The position has been archived, three weeks after completion

What are the various stages of the selection process for the applicants?

Applicants move through a number of different stages during the selection process:

  • Incomplete Applicant* - An applicant applies for a position but has not completed the application form
  • Applicant* - An applicant has applied for a position
  • Withdrawn - An applicant has withdrawn their application
  • Unsuccessful - An applicant is unsuccessful. This usually occurs after the initial shortlist. Unsuccessful applicants will receive an email or letter from HR Services notifying them of this decision
  • Shortlisted - An applicant is shortlisted
  • Other* -  This state is used to take applicants out of the normal cycle of decisions and letter generation
  • Not Recommended - An applicant has been shortlisted but is not recommended for appointment. Applicants will receive an email or letter from HR Services notifying them of this decision
  • Recommended - An applicant is recommended for appointment
  • Not Approved* - The HoS’s recommendation is not approved
  • Approved* - The HoS’s recommendation is approved
  • Offered* - The relevant HR advisor has sent the offer
  • Accepted* - The applicant has accepted the position
  • Declined* - The applicant has declined the offer

   *Only HR Services puts applicants into these states. 

How do I create a New Position Request?

Once the need for either a replacement or new position is identified a New Position Request is raised. This is usually undertaken by the Department Recruitment Coordinator. 

  • Click on the ''Add position” tab at the top of the screen
  • Enter the details of the position as prompted by the screen
  • Complete the fields on this screen
  • Click on the “Next” button when the information has been entered
  • This will raise the “Job Description” screen
  • If a template job description has been chosen, edit as needed for the role
  • If the “blank” template has been chosen, enter all details as prompted by the template headings
  • Click on the “Next” button when all the information has been entered
  • “Confirm details of this request” screen will appear
  • Review the position details and job description
  • Click on “Save” button to confirm
  • “Your new request has been raised” screen will appear, the position has now been entered and saved as a “Draft”
  • Positions in “Draft” can be deleted by school users, by clicking the “Delete this position” link on the right-hand side of the screen
  • To access the position information at any time, click on the position title on the main ImpelHR screen
  • To edit the position details, click on the “Edit position details” button
  • Click the “Save” button to save the changes

Which Org Unit should the position be placed in?

Previously, all individual Org Units within a School were grouped under the College and School heading. This has changed to also display both the MU Number and Org Unit Name for each Org Unit as they are currently listed on OrgPublisher.

This means, that when creating a position you will be asked to select the College, School, and the Org Unit that the position will be placed in.

To allow for positions to be managed by HR, please ensure you select the correct Org Unit for the position being advertised.
Detailed information on the Org Units in each School can be found on OrgPublisher. If you are unsure which Org Unit a position should be placed in, please contact the HRHelpdesk.

Who manages the advertising?

The Staff Recruitment Advisor will coordinate all aspects of the advertising campaign with the school. This process is detailed in advertising. While positions are advertised, final preparations for the assessment and interview dates can be completed. School users receive an automatic email when the advertising of the position is in place.

All applications for roles are acknowledged via email (or letter if preferred) from the ImpelHR system. 

What happens when a vacancy is closed?

After the closing date has passed, the status of the vacancy will automatically change to "processing', and the Department Recruitment Coordinator will receive an automatic email notification of the close.

Actions for the Department Recruitment Coordinator to take are:

  • Click on the email link and log into ImpelHR 
  • Go to the right-hand side of the position page and click the "Applications" link
  • On the "Applicants” screen, on the right-hand side of the page, select "Export applications"
  • Select applicants as needed and click "Next"
  • At the "Confirm Application Retrieval” screen, click Next again 
  • At the "Export Applications" screen click either "Generate Applications Forms" or "Download Application Forms and Documents" as needed
  • Clicking the " Generate Applications Forms" will generate an RTF file that Word can open, which can be saved onto a secure drive and/or printed as needed
  • Clicking the "Download Applications Forms and Documents" will generate a compressed file which needs to be doubled clicked to open and can be viewed, saved and printed as needed
  • When sufficient copies have been made for the Selection Committee, the selection process can begin

Applicant information must be kept confidential at all times and only be disclosed to members of the Selection Committee. 

How do I maintain the applicant status?

Keeping the applicant status up to date ensures that both those within the University that are involved with the recruitment process are aware of the status of the vacancy and also applicants are kept as well informed as possible of the progress being made. This is normally done by the Department Recruitment Coordinator.

Actions to take are:

  • Log onto ImpelHR and go to the position details screen
  • Click the Applications link at the right-hand side of the screen
  • Click the "Update Applicants States” link
  • Update the statuses using the arrow down button provided
  • When complete click the "Save" button, and then OK to confirm

How do I generate the shortlisting form?

This option is only available when the vacancy is in the “processing” status. When the selection process has progressed to the point when a shortlist has been identified, the shortlisting form is generated. This is useful for the selection committee to view short listed candidates in preparation for the interview process.

  • At the right-hand side of the “Applications” screen, click the “Shortlisting Form” link
  • Click Open on the dialogue box
  • View, save and print the form as necessary

How do I make a recommendation to appoint, once the selection process has been completed?

Documentation is usually prepared by the Department Recruitment Coordinator. The  Selection Pane Convenor then completes the request prior to the request being sent to the SLT member for approval.

Tasks that need to be completed prior to the recommendation being made to the SLT member are:

  • At the right-hand side of the “Applications” screen, click the “Recommendation Form” link
  • Click Open on the dialogue box
  • View, complete and save the form
  • Print the form
  • Collate the supporting documentation, including the CV of the preferred candidate, their referee reports and any other pre-employment documentation
  • Send in hard copy form to the SLT member

Approved recommendations are then sent to HR Services who will prepare and a letter offer on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, signed by the School's HR Advisor. A copy will be sent to the School.

HR Services staff change the state of all applicants when an offer of employment is made and when it is accepted. When this occurs, automatic emails are sent to School users.  Once a letter of offer has been accepted, the status of the vacancy can be changed to “Completed” by HR Services.

Three weeks after the position is marked as completed, the position status is changed to archived. Positions with archived status can be reactivated, which can be useful to ‘reuse’ the same information.

How do I obtain user registration in Impel?

Requests for Impel user registration can be made by emailing the Staff Recruitment Team at
Each School (or equivalent) will nominate two staff to have access:

  • The person who coordinates and documents the recruitment process is known as the Department Recruitment Coordinator, and they are often an administrator or secretary within the school
  • The Head of School submits the request to advertise and appoint to the SLT member

Each SLT member also has access to ImpelHR, to approve requests to advertise and to appoint, for all Schools or National Shared Services within their area.

How do I change my password?

In the banner at the top of the screen, click on your username. In the drop-down menu that appears select "Change password". Users can change their password by entering in their new password and reconfirming.

How do I invite guest users to view a position?

A new feature of ImpelHR is the "Invite Guests" function which can be used when a position is in the 'Advertised' or 'Processing' stages.

  • Up to five guest users can be granted temporary access to ImpelHR to view the details and applicant information for a specified position.
  • The guest users will be able to download the position job description and applicant documentation but will not be able to add to or adjust any information in ImpelHR.
  • It is important that guest users be reminded that all communication with job applicants is to be conducted by the selection panel convenor after the position advertisement has closed.

How do I obtain access to vacancy information that we have used before, so that I can reuse for a further appointment?

Information from positions prior to February 2011 have not been migrated to the upgraded system.

Positions that have been archived since February 2011 are available to users and can be reactivated by selecting the "Position Archive" link on the right-hand side of the main Positions screen.

How do I print off a copy of the job description or advertisement?

At the right-hand side of the Position Details screen, click the “Job description" link. This will generate a word document that can be printed or saved as needed.

How do the rating questions work?

Between 1 and 8 questions can be selected by clicking the "Edit rating questions" link.

The Applicant Rating System enables users to select questions from a question bank. The questions selected are added to the application form, and applicant answers can be viewed and ranked on the “Position Options” screen. To use the feature:

  • Click on the “Edit rating questions” link when you are in the “Position details” screen
  • Select the appropriate questions, and alter weightings if desired
  • Click “Save” 
  • To return to the position details, click the position number at the top of the page
  • You will see that the rating questions have been added to the position details
  • When users apply, they will be asked to answer the questions, and can then be ranked easily
  • Applicants answer these questions as part of the on-line application process, and the answers appear in the Skills and Competencies section of the application form
  • Using rating questions can significantly reduce the time it takes for the short-listing process, particularly when a large number of applications is expected

What other resources available to me on the recruitment and selection processes at Massey?

Assessing and documenting the requirements and skills needed of the role:

Detailed information regarding the fields the system needs when loading a new role into the ImpelHR system for approval:

Advertising options and available budgets:

Responsibilities of the selection committee and the convenor:

Shortlisting, reference checking, and assessment processes:

Requesting approval to appoint:

How do I request access to the casual talent pool?

Access to the casual talent pool is automatically granted to managers and recruitment coordinators that already have access to ImpelHR. The talent pool search function can be found on the main ImpelHR screen.

If you do not have access to ImpelHR but are hiring casuals, visit the ImpelHR homepage, click the “Request access to the talent pool” link and complete the required fields.

Once your access to the talent pool has been granted, a username and temporary password will be emailed to your Massey email address.

How do I search the casual talent pool as a hiring manager?

For in-depth information on searching the casual talent pool, please visit the information for hiring managers page on the People and Organisational Development website:


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