Requesting Approval to Recruit

In line with statutory regulations, all positions that are ongoing or have duration of longer than 12 months are required to be advertised. In order to advertise a vacant position this must be arranged through the University’s recruitment system, ImpelHR.

The Head of School (or equivalent), with their Department Recruitment Coordinator, first prepares a request to advertise a position using ImpelHR.

The system will require you to complete the following fields before the electronic request is sent to the senior leadership team member for approval:

  • Position title*
  • College/AVC*
  • Institute/School/Section* 
  • Location*
  • Position type (academic/professional)*
  • Salary grade* (if the position is new and does not have a grading, this needs to be discussed with your HR Advisor prior to commencing the ImpelHR process)
  • Salary account(s)*
  • Existing position*
  • Term* (ongoing/fixed term)
  • Full time/Part time*
  • Selection committee*
  • Applicant rating questions (if applicable)
  • Covering letter* compulsory (always yes)
  • Other documentation - documents such as certificates, digital portfolios, letters of recommendation etc can be loaded here by the applicants if required.
  • Notes - this section is used to record HR Advisor approval/ comments and any other important information about the vacancy. This can also be used by departments to record information such as short listing date and the interview date(s)* and if applicable the presentation(s) dates. If a presentation is required then the notes section should also include the presentation coordinator's name.
  • Support statement*
  • Supporting documentation
  • Summary statement*
  • Media insertion details*
  • Advertisement*
  • Information for applicants e.g. If there is a need for a security, credit and/or health pre-employment check then the form(s) need to be attached here for the applicants view.
  • Suggested closing date*
  • Job description*

Please note (*) indicates fields that must be completed in order to finalise ImpelHR information for the approval of the Senior Leadership Team Member (or equivalent).

Once completed, this information is electronically forwarded to the Senior Leadership Team Member (or equivalent) through ImpelHR for his/her consideration. If approved the request is electronically forwarded to the Staff Recruitment Team for advertising.

The ImpelHR lifecycle

There are different stages during the ImpelHR lifecycle. The following terms describe these stages:

  • Draft: The position is being drafted by the Department Recruitment Coordinator
  • Proposed: The position is with the manager for consideration
  • Requested: The position is with the senior manager for consideration
  • Approved/Not Approved: The position has been either approved or declined by the senior leadership team member
  • Advertised: The position has been advertised by the Staff Recruitment Team
  • Processing: This is where the short listing will commence by the department assigned committee, as the closing date has passed
  • Completed: The selection process is complete and the successful applicant has accepted the offer of employment and is in the process of commencing duties
  • Archived: "Completed" positions are automatically archived

Summary statement

This is a short statement highlighting the key features of the position. This text appears on the Jobs website and in print media and is key attract suitable applicants. The summary statement can be up to 30 words in length and should reflect the following format:

  • Content should stimulate interest in potential applicants
  • Do not repeat the position, School/Institute or Massey University name as the standard advertising template includes this information
  • Use inclusive language e.g. ‘we want you to…’ rather than ‘the University would like the successful applicant…’

Supporting statement

Co-approval is required from Staff Recruitment Manager for all Professional Services positions that are permanent and fixed-term (more than 12 months). Academic positions do not require co-approval to advertise.

In order to assist this approval process, when completing the supporting statement section of Impel request you should specify why it is critical to make this appointment and the impact of not making the appointment.

Amongst the issues you should address are:

  • What will be the impact of not recruiting this role?

Will not recruiting result in Massey failing to meet a contractual/commercial obligation?

Who will be impacted and how? e.g. students, academic colleagues, professional staff colleagues, a project.

  • If it is professional staff work, can it be provided by a shared services function?

Has the relevant shared service been asked whether it could undertake this work, on a temporary or permanent basis?

  • Consideration needs to be given as to:

Whether the work to be undertaken can be delayed.

Whether the work or part of it can be undertaken by one or more other staff members (temporarily or permanently).

The overall importance/impact of the position, the linkage to strategic and operational plans, details of Departmental KPIs (e.g. EFTS) and budgetary implications.

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