How to Complete the Timesheet Template

Key points for the new timesheet template:

  • The new timesheet template requires a job number. The job number can be found on the completed Schedule 3 that was copied to the department by HR Services. A job is defined by a unique combination of job title and org unit. As some employees work for more than one department as a casual or as a salaried employee as well as a casual, each new combination of job title and org unit is considered a separate job and will have a separate job number. 
  • It also requires timesheet codes – this is how HR Services links the correct pay rate and cost code to the duties being paid for on the timesheet.
  • A separate timesheet should be submitted for each job.
  • The new timesheet does not require at pay rate. This is already recorded in the payroll system.
  • The timesheet does not require a cost code unless you wish to override the default cost code. Only complete the costing override section if the cost code is different from the default code. All hours against the timesheet code in the override section will be costed to the temporary cost code for this timesheet. If more than one cost code is required for a timesheet code, a separate timesheet should be submitted.

A list of all your casual staff’s job numbers and timesheet codes is available from the HR Helpdesk.

Timesheet template instructions

Timesheet basic

Pay period and employee number

Period and Emp No

Hours and duties

Hours and duties

Note: This section is for department and employee use. HR Services will not check this section.

Employee and job details

Emp and job details

Temporary costing override

temporary cost override

Note: Only complete this section if a costing override is required.

Totalled hours for payment

Total Hours

Contact details and financial approval

contact and financial

Casual employment agreement, schedule 3

Cas Emp Agr Schedule 3

More in-depth information on completing the Schedule 3 is available here.

Casual staff report

Cas staff report

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