Employment of Fixed-Term Employees

This section identifies the key steps managers must work through when employing a new fixed-term staff member.

If you are new to the process of employing fixed-term staff members, and would like comprehensive information about fixed-term employment, please see our temporary employment guidelines.

Step 1 - Identify whether employment is within the definition of fixed-term employment

If you believe that the term of your position is likely to be more than 12 months, then the position must be approved and advertised through ImpelHR, Massey’s recruitment system. The processes of obtaining approval, advertising, appointing and induction are detailed in recruitment of permanent employees.

If the duration is likely to be less than 12 months, then continue to complete the process set out below. Your HR Advisor is able to assist you at any step.

A fixed-term staff member is defined as:

A staff member who is engaged to work for a fixed period of more than four weeks with for a specified period, such as to cover extended leave, with a specified end date, or to work on a project with a specified end date or event.. This work is not "as and when required" or casual work rather it is work that provides a regular pattern of employment for a specified period or reason and is of more than four weeks' duration.

The reason for the fixed-term of employment must be clear. For assistance please view establishing reasons for fixed term employment or contact your HR Advisor.

Step 2 - Complete relevant pre-employment checks

Prior to engaging a fixed-term employee, please ensure that consideration has been given to the University's suite of pre-employment checks. In particular if the fixed-term work is considered 'high risk' then this position will be subject to one or more of the additional pre-employment checks as identified in the summary of the suite of pre-employment checks.

For detailed information on the various types of pre-employment checks, please refer to the pre-employment checks.

Step 3 - Complete documentation

When requesting approval of a fixed-term appointment the documentation listed below must be provided to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (or equivalent) for approval along with a job description:

Step 4 - Preparation of letter of offer

Once the SLT member (or level 4 delegate) has approved the appointment request, the documentation in Step 3 should be forwarded to HR Services who will then prepare and send the letter of offer. 

This information should be sent to HR Services no less than two weeks prior to the employee commencing employment. This will ensure an employment agreement is able to be offered to the prospective employee, and that they have had a reasonable opportunity to consider and accept that employment agreement before commencing employment.

HR Services will confirm when a letter of offer has been accepted.

It is important that these steps are correctly followed to ensure compliance with our obligations under the Employment Relations Act (specifically section 66).

Step 5 - On the employee's first day of work

The manager is responsible to ensure that an overall induction to the area of work is provided in line with the manager guideline for staff induction. Completion of the employment forms should occur on the first day of work and then be sent to HR Services.

Step 6  - On completion of induction

Both the manager and new staff member need to sign the "Closing the loop page" in the manager guideline. This page will need to be detached from the guideline and sent to HR Services.

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