Talent Pool Information for Hiring Managers

The talent pool is a database within the Massey recruitment system, ImpelHR, that can be searched by hiring managers who are looking to fill temporary or casual positions at Massey.

Managers or their delegated nominee can search the talent pool for candidates who have registered their interest in either professional or academic areas, and can specify qualifications and experience required to enable the most suitable candidates to be returned in the search results.

Current ImpelHR users will have access to the talent pool by default. Other managers or their delegated nominee can gain access to the talent pool by completing the request for access form on the ImpelHR homepage:

Hiring managers can review CVs by clicking the document icon on the results page, and use the contact information there to phone or email potential candidates. No vetting or verification of personal information has been undertaken by HR Services, and normal processes for engaging casual or fixed term staff will apply when you have identified and intend to engage an individual from the talent pool.

Candidates who have logged in and rechecked their information within the last month will appear higher in the search results. We have recommended that candidates check their availability at least once a month, so Massey users can have confidence that the information is as current as possible.

Searching for candidates to fill casual/temporary academic roles

Within the Talent Pool section of ImpelHR, select the Academic button in the top left of the tab.

Academic Screen

Select the type of role, the academic discipline, location of the position, and the hours of work per week being sought.

If there are insufficient candidates on the results page, you can widen the results by choosing other roles – these will appear on the right-hand side of the screen if there are candidates who have qualifications or experience in your discipline, but have registered for another type of academic role.

Academic Search Results

If you need to perform an even wider search, select the back button and re-run your search choosing another, closely-related discipline. This will display candidates who have not specifically registered in your area but may still be a suitable fit for the casual position.    

Searching for candidates to fill casual/temporary professional roles

Within the Talent Pool section of ImpelHR, select the Professional button in the top left of the tab.

Professional Screen

Search by the type of role (area), location of the position, amount of Massey experience required, and the hours of work per week being sought.

If you would like to perform a more specific search, click the 'more options' link. This allows you to specify what level of experience is required for Massey systems and/or MS Office.

To widen the search to see a higher number of results, use the 'search by similar roles' links on the right hand side of the search results screen. These will appear if there are candidates who have indicated they have experience in roles that are similar to the one showing in the main search results. The number next to the role type denotes how many candidate profiles are available in each similar role category.

Professional Search Results

Search results

If you want to know more about a person who has appeared in your search results, open their CV by clicking the document icon, and then click their name to enable a profile page to be displayed which contains more detailed information.

If they have experience in any of the main Massey systems, these will appear in highlighted yellow boxes. Their MS Office skills profile is available by clicking the ‘MS Office experience' button.

Candidate information screen

Once a candidate has been selected from the search results page, the individual’s profile page contains five information tabs. The “All” tab shows the total information that is stored under the category headings of the other four tabs (“General” “Expertise” “Availability” and “Other Info”).

Candidate Info Screen

Once a candidate’s record has been opened there is no “back to search” results button, the only way back by using the “Back” button in the browser.

Those registering in the talent pool have made available a significant amount of personal information. This information is confidential and can only be used to assess if the person is suitable for temporary work at Massey so we ask that you do not share this information unless it is for this purpose.

Hiring candidates from the talent pool - things to note

As no vetting or verification of the personal information provided by candidates has been undertaken by HR Services, the normal processes for engaging casual, short-term temporary or contract staff will apply to engage an individual from the talent pool. For more detailed information on the employment of temporary staff, please visit our temporary employment guidelines page. 

The information submitted by candidates to the Talent Pool is bound by the provisions of the Privacy Act, and must only be used for the purpose it was provided for.

What if I cannot find someone suitable from the talent pool?

If hiring managers cannot find a suitable candidate from within the talent pool, please contact the Staff Recruitment team : recruitment@massey.ac.nz

Can I use the services of an external recruitment agency?

Use of an external recruitment agency must be approved by the Staff Recruitment Manager prior to engaging their services for temporary, contract or permanent roles within Massey University. 

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