Support for Preparing your Application

Specific advice on preparing applications for the different levels of the promotion round can be found on the following pages:

Advice on preparing your application

You should carefully plan your application, taking the time to ensure you are providing enough information for a fair assessment to be made. You are required to create statements containing a narrative and evidence to support your claims and then upload each section of your application to the online system:

The online system will consolidate your application, and you will be able to view a draft before submitting.

In your application:

  • Select the specific criteria that you are applying under through the online system under the “select criteria” section. The criteria which applicants select will be available to committee members, and must then be discussed and evidence provided supporting their claims 
  • Discuss your case and provide evidence of a strong track record; demonstrate how that track record meets the criteria for promotion. Ensure the evidence supports the claims you make, and highlights the significance, influence, or impact of your work.
  • Ensure your application demonstrates a sustained pattern of your achievements and gives a sense of how you will continue to achieve and develop in the future.
  • Tell the Committee about your citation indices, H indexes and so on. Explain their significance, and put them into context. Show the committee the significance of your publications, as well as your role in multi-authored works. Explain your role within your research teams. 
  • Ensure your application is written in a way that will be able to be understood by someone from outside of your discipline.
  • You should ensure your case is clear, succinct and easy to read; the reader should be lead through the application. It is important to clearly identify claims, make links, highlight important points, use headings and subheading appropriately etc. Don’t fudge or make misleading claims.
  • Follow the guidance within the provided templates. Please do not change the fonts and margins that are present in the templates.
  • Committees will not guess what you have done, nor will they give you the benefit of the doubt. You cannot count on their being familiar with your particular discipline or area of expertise.
  • The word limit for each section and total application length is as follows: Two page overview. Each section – Teaching, Research, Clinical and professional Practice, and Academic Citizenship must be no longer than three pages, Appendix six pages including a two page Job Description, Curriculum Vitae four pages. The use of hyperlinks is encouraged when referencing material that can be stored or is located electronically.


If you have had a significant period of absence due to paternal leave, illness, or any other reason during the period being considered, ensure that you briefly outline this under the absences section of the online application system. The committees will take this into consideration when assessing your application.

Brief overview (Two Page Maximum)

The brief overview must not exceed two pages in total (please do not adjust the fonts and margins which are preset in the template). It should contain a succinct summary of the context in which you work, provide a compelling overview of your case for promotion, and highlight your contributions across your nominated fields. It is important to note that the Committee will be reading all of your application in detail, so your brief overview is an opportunity to highlight to the Committee your case in a concise form.

Brief Overview Template

Additional information (Six Page Maximum)

Applicants are encouraged to provide all relevant information so a fair assessment can be made of their application. In this section you can attach additional relevant information, including any appendices. This section must also include an applicant’s Job Description or link to Job Description.  Please ensure you include only what is necessary, and are careful to not duplicate any information you have in your CV or in other areas of your application.

Additional Information Template

Curriculum Vitae (Twelve Page Maximum)

Your CV should be accurate and up to date. Think about the relevance of the information you are providing, and who your audience will be, ensuring that someone from outside your discipline can understand the format and information you have provided. Ensure the reader understands the order of authors in your publications as this can vary between disciplines (whether it is alphabetical or in order of contribution). Your CV should help to demonstrate a sustained level of performance and should contain a list of your qualifications. 

Converting templates to PDFs

Instructions on converting the templates to PDF format are available here.

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