How to Apply for Level One and Level Two Academic Promotions

All applications must be made through the online application system: 

A copy of the Academic Promotion Round booklet, which contains detailed information on the promotion criteria, is attached below for reference:

    Submitted applications will be viewed online via the web app by the relevant Head of Department/Institute/School who will provide a written statement concerning the application.  A copy of the statement will be made available through the online system to applicants. 

    All applications are then accessed online by the relevant Pro Vice-Chancellor for consideration by the College Academic Promotions Committee. This committee is comprised of;

    • the Pro Vice-Chancellor as Chair;
    • between 4 and 7 academic staff (excluding Heads of Department or equivalent);
    • a representative from People & Organisational Development; and
    • an independent observer.

    When the College Academic Promotions Committee has made its decisions, applicants will be advised in writing of the outcome of their application. Applicants who are not satisfied with the final decision have the right to appeal on procedural grounds, but should in the first instance discuss this with the relevant Pro Vice-Chancellor. The process for appealing a decision can be found below:

    Support for preparing your application

    Advice on preparing level one and two applications can be found on the following page:

    The assessment criteria for level one and level two promotions

    Up to four fields of contribution that may be considered in assessments for promotion.  Each is evaluated to the extent that is consistent with the context in which staff members work, their job description and their conditions of employment which must be validated by an applicant’s HOI/S/D in written format.

    The four fields are:

    • Teaching and Supervision
    • Research and Enterprise
    • Academic Citizenship
    • Clinical and Professional Practice

    A promotion portfolio will be assessed holistically on whether an applicant has demonstrated sustained merit or excellence (depending on the level of promotion being applied for), in however many fields are appropriate to the staff member’s role.

    For example; for a Lecturer this assessment would typically be focused on two fields (Teaching & Supervision, Research & Enterprise) with a minimum level of competency in the Academic Citizenship field; but for a Senior Tutor the assessment would usually be focused on one field (Teaching & Supervision) with a minimum level of competency in the Academic Citizenship field. 

    It is understood that the emphasis between the fields may differ from individual to individual, so in exceptional circumstances it is possible to have sustained merit or excellence in just one field, or in all required fields together. In such circumstances the detail of an applicant’s case must be specified in the application.

    For movement across a bar, performance must be 'sustained' for over three or more full academic years. For movement within a grade, performance must be 'sustained' for over two full academic years.

    Performance expectation between Level 1 and 2 are outlined as follows:

    At Level 1 staff are expected to be making a substantial contribution;
    At Level 2 they are expected to be leading or advancing.

    Consideration for promotion at any level involves two steps. First, the Committee must be satisfied that the applicant has reached and sustained a level of performance consistent with their current position.

    Second, the applicant must demonstrate the following:

    (a)  sustained merit (for Level 1 promotions);

    (b)  sustained excellence (for promotion to and within Senior Lecturer Range 2/Senior Research Officer Range 2).

    Each of the standards (merit and excellence) indicates the performance expected for the grade to which it applies. It is not sufficient for an applicant to have performed adequately over an extended period of time in their current grade for them to be promoted to a higher grade.

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