MyHR Learning & Development Enrolment System FAQs

1.   Where and how do I enrol for development courses?

Login to MyHR.  Select the Development Catalogue to search for a course by name or category, or the Development Calendar to search by date.

2.   Can I email Capability Development to enrol?

The new MyHR system puts you in control of your development opportunities. You will no longer need to manually fill in an enrolment form with your details for every course because you are already logged into MyHR.  If you are unsure how to enrol, the Capability Development Team can walk you through the process of enrolling through the new system - for assistance please email us at

3.   What happened to the enrolment form and Development Calendar on the Intranet?

The online calendar and enrolment form was a very manual system, which caused a delay between when the form was completed and when the enrolment was processed. To make this process faster, the new MyHR system helps you to enrol in real time - as soon as you book a place, you are enrolled for the course.
The 2017 Development Calendar can be accessed through the MyHR portal. This will show you the upcoming dates for scheduled courses. If you can’t see the course you’re looking for, use the Development Catalogue to search either by course name, category, keyword or campus. If there is no event scheduled for that workshop, click the ‘Waitlist’ button to be notified when it is. 

4.    Where do I see the list of courses on offer?

You can find the list of courses in two places in MyHR. The Development Calendar shows the upcoming courses by date scheduled. This is a great way to see what is coming up on your campus.
If you want to see all the courses on offer, or don’t know the date when a specific course is scheduled, click on the Development Catalogue. You can search the Catalogue by course name, category, keyword or campus. 

5.   How do I find a specific course I want to attend?

The best way to find a specific course is to search the Development Catalogue. You can search by course name, category, keyword or campus. This will show you the scheduled dates and times coming up for that course. If there is no scheduled session for a specific course you are interested in, you can join the waitlist to be notified when one is scheduled on your campus.

6.   How do I enrol for Health & Safety courses?

Enrol in Health & Safety courses using the MyHR system.  When you click a link on the Catalogue page, you will be taken to a page with the 2017 Enrolment Form on the relevant course’s page. For off-campus H&S courses you will need to complete this form to enrol.  Enrolments for scheduled on-campus courses can be made directly via MyHR.   Click here for the full list of Health and Safety courses.

7.    How will I know if a course is fully booked?

Courses that are fully booked appear in red in the Development Calendar, while courses with spaces available appear in blue font.  When you open a course page from the Catalogue it will show if the course is full and offer you the option to waitlist yourself.

8.    If a course is full, can I go on a waitlist?  How will I know when a space becomes available?

Yes. If a course is full, we recommend that you join the waitlist. This way, if someone withdraws from the workshop, you will receive an email that you have been automatically enrolled. Just click the waitlist option on the course page.

If no spaces become available on the event, you will be transferred to the course waitlist and notified when a new event is scheduled.

9.    Am I able to withdraw from a course/waitlist if I no longer wish to attend?

You can cancel your booking at any time through MyHR, by selecting ‘Withdraw’.  If it is within 48 hours of the course taking place, you will need to email to advise us that you can no longer attend, as the system will not allow you to withdraw after this time.

Please note that declining the Outlook Calendar invitation does not cancel your enrolment – you need to do this via MyHR.

10.   The course I want to attend hasn't yet been scheduled for 2017.  How can I be notified if it is scheduled in the future?

You can join the waitlist for a course that hasn’t yet been scheduled for 2017. When you select the course from the Development Catalogue, select the ‘Waitlist’ button to join the waitlist. You will then be emailed when this course has been scheduled.

11.   How do I see which courses I am enrolled for?

In the MyHR portal, under My Development, Training History, you will be able to see a list of the upcoming courses you are enrolled for in the top section. When you are browsing the Development Catalogue or Development Calendar, you will see that you are unable to enrol for courses you have already enrolled in. This ensures that you don’t unintentionally enrol for the same course twice. 

12.   How can I see which courses I have already attended?

When you are logged in to MyHR, select ‘My Development’, and ‘Training History’.  This will show you the list of courses you have attended while working at Massey University.  Your development history can be printed from here - just click the Print Preview button and proceed to print from there.  Your future booked workshops will also show here.

13.  I have attended a course and it’s not on my training history. How do I make sure it is recorded? 

Only development completed via Massey’s centrally coordinated Leadership and Staff Development Calendar system is recorded in Pse currently.  Learning and development that happens in individual schools/teams around the campus has not been captured in this system at this point in time.

If there is a centrally managed course you have attended that doesn’t appear on your training history, please email with the relevant course name and attendance date, and we endeavor to will look into this

14.   As a Manager, can I see what courses my team have attended?

Yes. As a manager, you will be able to see the training histories of everyone who reports to you. This can be found in MyHR under the My Staff tab – go to Details and click on the staff member to view their History.  From here you can also see any upcoming courses your staff member is enrolled for.

Managers will receive a notification email when one of their staff members enrolls for a workshop, and have the option to decline the training.

15.   Will the courses appear in my Outlook Calendar like they used to?

Yes. Once you book a place on a course, it should appear in your Outlook Calendar.

16.   Will I get a reminder to attend courses I have enrolled in?

Yes. You will receive an email reminder for the course 4 days before it is scheduled to be held.

17.   I accidentally cancelled my booking for a course, but I still want to attend.  How do I re-enrol?

Unfortunately, once you have withdrawn from a course, you cannot automatically re-enrol through the MyHR portal. This is because someone from the waitlist will have been given the place on the course. If you would like to re-enrol for a course you have withdrawn from, you need to email with the course name, date, and campus. If there is still room available, we will re-enrol you on the course.  If the course is already at capacity, we will place you on the waitlist for the next available event on your campus.  

18.   I have special dietary requirements that need to be noted for catering purposes. How do I ensure these are noted with my enrolment?

If you have special dietary requirements, please email them to us the first time you enrol for a course in our new system. We will update your file and your dietary requirements will be automatically noted for every subsequent course you enrol for where catering is provided.  If your dietary requirements change, just email us to update them for you.  (In some cases these are already in the system from previous workshop attendances.)

19.   I am a PhD student and want to enrol in a Research and Enterprise course offering. How do I do this? 

Our new enrolment system can only be accessed through MyHR, which means that you need to be a staff member to access it. If you are a PhD student and would like to attend a Research and Enterprise course, please email Alexis Boniface, Research Development Administrator  ( to register.

20.   I have attended a workshop or course that was not run through the Massey Leadership and Development Calendar, but would like it recorded on my Development History as it is relevant to my role at Massey.  How do I do this?

You can update your development history with courses attended (outside of the Massey Leadership and Development Calendar) in MyHR - click My Development from the toolbar across the top of the page, click 'Development History Update (Form), complete the details requested and submit.  The update will go to your manager for approval and then will appear on your Development History.  (Please note that workshops attended via the Calendar may not show in your Development History immediately as these are confirmed in the system manually once the attendance sheet is returned to the CD Team, and there is sometimes a delay in entering the attendances, but please note you do not need to enter these yourself.)

If your query is not answered in the information above, or if you have any other queries please contact us by email at   

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