Employment Matters

Massey is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment and to ensuring that our staff are treated in a fair and proper manner. The following pages offer additional support, information and tools available should you consider that you have an employment relationship problem.

In addition, a copy of the pamphlet titled “Guidelines for staff on raising issues, concerns or complaints” is available from POD or by clicking on the attachment below. The pamphlet guides staff through the process by explaining different approaches and the terms that are often used when dealing with problems at Massey.  Please contact the HR Helpdesk for a copy to be mailed to you.

To assist managers, heads of schools, team leaders and academic leaders to deal with issues raised by staff and/or students, the 'Ten simple steps: Listen Inform Respond' is offered as a common sense approach to take in relation to any matter that is raised. The pamphlet is available below:

For guidelines on dealing with student misconduct (e.g. threatening or abusive behaviour) towards staff, please see the following:

A number of policies are also in place that ensure that you understand what is expected of you and what you can expect from Massey, over the course of your employment.

Harassment/Bullying – Evaluation of Processes and Procedures Form

If you have been involved in a complaints process (whether formal or informal) in relation to harassment and bullying you may fill in this form.  The purpose of the form is to allow the University to monitor the number and types of complaints and how they were handled and resolved.  This monitoring arises as a result of recommendations that came from the Pay and Employment Equity Review Report.  The form is confidential and can not be used for any purpose other than evaluating the complaints process.

How would you evaluate the process over all in relation to yourself?

Please give reasons for your response.

The time taken to deal with my concerns /the issues was:

Please give reasons for your response.

Were you given sufficient information about the process before it commenced?

Were you kept up to date during the process about how the matter was proceeding?

Did you feel you had sufficient support during the process?

What things went well for you during the process?

What things could have been done better for you during the process?

Do you have any suggestions for improving the process?

Was the process a formal one or dealt with informally?

Has the matter been dealt with to your satisfaction? 

Would you feel confident raising such concerns or issues again?

If not, why not?

Would you advise other staff to raise similar issues or concerns and be confident that they would be dealt with appropriately?

If not, why not?

Please provide any further comments you wish to make.

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