Women’s Virtual Resource Centre

This one-stop shop resource has been developed for the purpose of maintaining an environment within the “One University” framework that values gender equity through networking and advocacy on behalf of all persons, especially women. The aim of the centre is to protect and empower individuals as they pursue their goals without interference from discriminatory practices.


A range of resources are available to Massey women to support their career, both in your current role and in developing to pursue your career goals.

For both academic and professional women, there are a range of development resources available to support the development of skills and capabilities you’ll need to both maintain and enhance your professional capabilities. 

Women in Leadership Programme

The New Zealand Vice-Chancellor's Committee’s Women in Leadership Programme aims to enhance women’s leadership capability and influence within Universities. Each year nominations are sought from contributing Universities for a small number of academic and professional staff.

The New Zealand Centre for Women and Leadership

This initiative of Massey has a mission to promote leadership opportunities for women through education, research, consultancy and community activity.

Staff networks

A number of groups operate at Massey which may be of particular interest to women.

Women @ Massey

This is a grassroots organisation that strives to encourage and support women at Massey. W@M achieves this by fostering awareness of the particular needs of women and their relationship with Massey and providing a channel of communication between Massey and W@M on relevant matters that relate to University and women’s development. W@M also works to foster and create a climate of support and for sharing the knowledge and skills for the benefit of all, to facilitate gatherings and events that support the growth of W@M, and to provide a reference point for women at Massey and strengthen the role of women in the University community. For further information please email Women@massey.ac.nz or visit their webpage.

Womens Studies

Women’s Studies at Massey is an interdisciplinary programme which provides students with a wide ranging grounding in critical social analysis. The Programme is based in feminist social theory and on feminist research methods. Our students have access to academics who are actively engaged in research on women’s experiences, gender and social justice issues utilising a variety of feminist theoretical and methodological perspectives.

NZ Federation of Graduate Women

This is a non-profit, charitable non-government organisation working locally, nationally and internationally to improve the status of women and girls, to promote life-long education and to enable graduate women to use their expertise to effect positive change.

Family resources

Massey is committed to providing an excellent working environment, and increase employee engagement and productivity through supporting a balance between work, family and personal life.

The term ‘family’ is used in the broadest sense and encompasses single people, relatives of all ages including the elderly, whanau, culturally diverse family groupings, de facto, same sex relationships and relationships which involve the responsibility to care for another person.

The following specific benefits and support may be of particular interest to parents who are balancing work and family commitments.

Parental leave

Massey has a range of both paid and unpaid parental leave available to staff at Massey and that may be shared between expectant mothers and spouse’s or partners, depending on the service eligibility as outlined in our parental leave webpage.


Childcare services are available for the children of Massey staff and students at both the Albany and Manawatu campuses.


Staff at all three campuses have facilities available to them to ensure adequate breaks and facilities are available to support breastfeeding women.

Flexible working arrangements

A range of flexible working arrangement options are available to staff, depending on their individual circumstances. Staff are encouraged in the first instance to discuss options available to them with their manager.

Healthcare resources

Health care resources that offer services for women are available locally for all three campuses:

 Women’s Health Action Trust

This is a charitable trust which aims to provide women with high quality information and education services to enable them to maintain their health and make informed choices about their health care.

Employment resources 

Massey is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment and to ensuring that our staff are treated in a fair and proper manner. The following pages offer you additional support, information and tools should you have any employment problems.

Massey is committed to ensuring that all staff work in an environment that is free from harassment and bullying. Massey has established a policy which provides information to staff about constitutes harassment and to provide a process by which complaints can be resolved. Please see below for the harassment prevention and complaints resolution policy and procedures.

A number of policies are also in place to ensure that you understand what is expected of you and what you can expect from Massey, over the course of your employment.

Massey is currently conducting a pay and employment equity (PaEE) review of staff, as part of a range of initiatives in relation to women and leadership. Further details on this project are available at the following website.

Massey is a member of the EEO Trust which is a not-for profit organization tasked with providing EEO information and tools to employers and raising awareness of diversity issues in New Zealand workplaces.

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