Eye Tests

Both academic and professional staff, covered by the current Massey University Collective Employment Agreement (MUCEA) and the Massey University Individual Employment Agreement (MUIEA) may be entitled to the cost of an eye test, standard single vision lenses and a contribution to spectacles in accordance with clause 9.1.15 of the MUCEA and the MUIEA. A copy of the current MUCEA can be found at Employment agreements.

If you believe you are eligible for an eye test funded by the University, prior to visiting your optometrist please complete the online eye test form and you will receive a letter from HR Services confirming your eligibility.

Eligibility criteria for contribution to eye test cost

  • The provisions are applicable to full-time or part-time members of staff who are covered by the main Massey University Collective Employment Agreement (MUCEA) or the Massey University Individual Agreement (MUIEA)
  • Staff member must be using a computer (VDU duties) for at least half of a full-time position i.e. using computer for the equivalent of 18.75 hours per week
  • Staff member must have been carrying out the above duties for a period of at least 12 months
  • Subsequent eye tests can be arranged at not less than 2 yearly intervals
  • In cases where spectacles/contact lenses are currently worn the University will not meet the cost of spectacle frames
  • In cases where spectacles/contact lenses are prescribed for the first time the University will limit the cost of spectacle frames to the amount specified in the MU Individual/Collective Employment Agreement which is currently a contribution of $150
  • Costs of lenses will be limited to standard, single vision lenses. Additional costs for polycarbonate, photochromatic, tinted, graduated or other types of lenses will be the responsibility of the employee

Application for Eye Test Contribution

We recommend you check your eligibility as per the criteria above before you apply.

You will need your Staff ID number to complete this form.

All costs for which an eye test contribution has been approved are to be invoiced to Massey. Reimbursements to staff after payment has been made directly to the optometrist are not permitted.

First name:
Last name:
Staff ID
In submitting this application I certify that:
(Please note that all three conditions below need to be met to be eligible for this benefit)

I currently wear prescription glasses/contact lenses

I have recently resigned from Massey University or received notice that my employment with the University is to come to an end
(Please note this may affect your eligibility for this benefit. Your application will be discussed with your manager and considered on its merits)

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