What is MyHR?

The MyHR portal is an online system application and approval process for most types of leave available at Massey. Managers can also see a list of the staff who report to them, at all Org Unit levels below. You can also access your salary history, and personal details.

Where do I find MyHR?

Type 'MyHR' in the search bar on the Massey network, or 'MyHR Massey' from Google. Direct links are also available via the Staffroom page, from the People Organisational Development website, or by clicking this link MyHR. We recommend you bookmark the URL for future reference.

How do I log in?

From the MyHR homepage, you can access MyHR using either your Massey network username and password or Your Staff ID.

If you have a Massey network username, simply log on as you would normally to the network. If this results in an error, please contact the

If you do not have a Massey user code, you can log in with your Staff ID. For the first time, you will need to set your password. This can be done be done by selecting 'Set/Reset Password'. Your password will be sent to the address we have loaded against you in the system.  

If you have any problems with access to MyHR, please contact the

How do I change my password?

To find out how to change your network password, click through to the Change your Massey password web information.

Staff who do not have Massey network access use their Staff ID to log in. If this applies to you, you can change your password in MyHR by clicking the Set/Reset Password button, once you have selected ‘Log in using Staff ID’ method.   

What types of leave can I apply for on MyHR?

Annual (including annual leave in advance), sick leave, discretionary (including ACC and Jury Service leave), long service leave and bereavement leave are applied for via MyHR.

Leave without pay and parental leave are applied for via respective webpages for leave without pay and parental leave.

University Duties leave is not approved or recorded in MyHR. Please contact your manager for information on these types of leave.

Time off in lieu is also not managed through MyHR, but instead is managed within your School or Institute, between you and your manager.

How do I apply for leave?

  • Either click the 'Apply for leave' tile, or select the 'New Leave Request' option under the My Job tab.
  • Select the type of leave you wish to take from the drop down list.
  • Use the calendar icon to apply for the Start Dates and End Dates of leave. Only the days you work will appear as options available. If the days are incorrect, please contact the HR Helpdesk at
  • If you wish to apply for half a day, select the same day, and use the AM and PM radio buttons to signify a half day.
  • Check that the duration of the leave and balances in hours are what you expect. The number of hours can be changed as necessary, but if your default hours are not what you expect, please contact the HRHelpdesk.
  • If you wish to provide further information for your manager regarding this leave request, this can be entered in the 'Comment' free-text field. An explanation will be needed for any discretionary leave.
  • Click submit to send an email request to your manager to consider the leave.
  • Your manager will either approve or decline the leave.
  • Until your manager has either approved or declined your leave request, the status of the leave will display as requested.

What is the difference between indicative days and hours balances?

University staff leave entitlements are allocated according to the staff member’s working day pattern.

Full time staff will see the duration of the leave they are requesting in indicative days. Indicative days are calculated on a standard 7.5 hour working day, and are provided as another mechanism for checking that the hours of leave you have requested are correct. Staff who work more than 7.5 hours per day may display a fraction of a day in the indicative day’s field. 

For part time staff, if the hours per week you work are not simply divisible by the number of days per week you work, your leave will appear in fractions of hours. 

If your working day pattern changes or you have any questions about how your leave hours are allocated, you should contact the HR Helpdesk at

Staff who work part time will not see indicative day’s information as determining a default “half day” duration is not possible.

What do the leave balances mean?

Current balance

This is the number of hours that you are currently entitled to, less all hours that that have been posted (i.e. approved and processed) within the payroll system.

Total authorised

This is the total number of hours of leave that have been approved by your manager, but have not yet been posted (and therefore not yet deducted from your balance) within the payroll system.

Total requested

This is the total number of hours of leave that you have requested and still remains to be apprroved by your manager.

Available balance

This is the current hours less all hours that you have requested, (whether or not they have been approved by your manager).

Available balance is the difference between requested, authorised and current balance.

How do I check my leave entitlements and leave history?

You can check your leave balances and past leave applications by selecting the Leave Balance/History option under the My Job tab.

What if I want to apply for leave greater than my current available balance (leave in advance)?

If your available balance is less than the amount of leave you are currently requesting, your application will be treated as a request to take leave in advance. Information on leave in advance is available at our annual leave webpage.

What if I have already taken leave and forgotten to apply for it?

Backdated leave can be applied for within MyHR for up to six months. If the leave taken is prior to six months, please ask your manager to lodge a request to have the leave recorded with the HR Helpdesk at

I was asked to work on a public holiday, how do I claim an alternative day?

If you work on a public holiday, you may be entitled to an alternative day as leave. Payment is requested by completing a timesheet. Further information on working on public holidays can be found here public holidays. Alternatively if you have any questions please contact the HR Helpdesk at

How do I manage my parental leave balance alongside my annual leave?

If you have a balance of annual leave earned while you are on parental leave (called parental annual leave), you will need to use this balance before you use your ‘normal’ annual leave. For further information please visit parental leave - Massey University and work with your manager to schedule both types of leave. The HR Helpdesk is also available at to provide more information on managing parental and annual leave. 

Why is my sick/bereavement leave showing a negative balance?

As sick leave and other forms of discretionary leave do not accumulate, when leave is applied for it will show in the system as a negative balance.

How do I cancel a leave request?

Select 'Leave/Balance history' under My Job.

From the list of leave history displayed, click the blue hyperlink of the leave you wish to cancel.

Select Cancelled from the drop down list, and click submit:

MyHr ScreenShot 1

To cancel posted leave, we need your manager’s authorisation to action this change. Your manager or leave manager can send an email to to action this.

You will have to cancel any requested or approved leave if you wish to “reapply” for that day. For example, if you planned to take 5th to the 8th of July as annual leave but your leave plans have changed and want to take leave on the 6th July only, you will first need to cancel the original annual leave request.

What do managers and leave managers need to know about MyHR?

Managers and leave managers can:

  • Select Staff Leave to view a calendar view of leave that is book, approved or posted.
  • Use the Leave Entry on behalf of selection to enter leave for staff. Managers can drill down to lower levels in the Org Unit hierarchy. Leave will show as approved, a separate approval process is not needed.
  • Use the Approve Absences option to review all leave requests awaiting approval.

Managers can view details about staff and their current positons, including remuneration details by selecting 'Staff Details' under the  My Staff tab. Managers can ‘drill down’ to the lower levels in the organisational hierarchy.

How do managers view their staff absences?

Under the My Staff tab, choose 'Staff Leave'. This will bring up a calendar displaying all staff members in all the organisation units for which you are manager or leave manager. This Staff Absence screen is a summary for all staff that allows you to:

  • See the leave all staff have against them in the MyHR portal for the current fortnight.
  • Click on the back or forward arrows to see future and past leave records.
  • Click on the individual staff members name to access their Leave Balance/History screen, where you are able to approve or decline any un-posted requests on an individual basis.

Leave requests in MyHR are coded according to the type of leave and their status in the system. The key is listed beneath the calendar.

How do managers approve leave requests?

If you are a manager or a leave manager you will receive the emails generated by the leave application process and be able to click on the link in the email to approve or decline leave.

Managers are able to approve or decline requests from their employee’s on an individual or bulk basis:

Bulk approval (recommended):

Managers can approve or decline multiple requests at the same time by selecting the Approve Absences option under My Job.

  • Choose approve or decline by ticking the relevant box, and click submit.

Individual approval:

Managers can approve leave via the Staff member’s Leave Balance/History screen. This can either be done by clicking the link when an email leave request is received, or logging in, and selecting the relevant staff member, through the My Staff tab and clicking either Staff Leave or Approve Absence option. Their Leave Balance/History window will open and leave that has not been approved or denied will have a status of requeste.

Once the manager or leave manager has processed the leave, an email will be sent to inform the staff member that their leave has either been approved or declined.

How can a manager initiate a leave request on behalf of their staff member?

The circumstances by which a manager can initiate leave are detailed in the annual leave webpage.

  • By clicking Leave Entry on behalf of under the My Staff tab, managers and leave managers can enter leave for staff that report to them for leave purposes.
  • Complete screen details e.g. type of leave, reason, dates, alter duration if necessary.
  • Add text in the free text box. This will be added to the email sent to the employee notifying of this leave booking.
  • Once submitted, MyHR will check to make sure the employee has the available balance for the type of leave applied for on their behalf. Managers can not initiate leave in advance requests.
  • MyHR will also check to see if they have any overlapping leave (i.e. leave on the same day) and if so, an explanatory message will be displayed. These details can be checked and corrected if necessary on the Leave Balance/History screen, by cancelling and re-entering the correct leave request.

What is the leave projection tool?

The leave projection tool allows you to project out leave balances to a specified date.

How do I project my own leave?

  • Click on the Leave Balance/History option under the My Job tab.
  • Insert the date that you wish to project leave to i.e. 31/12/2015 or click the Calendaricon to select a date from the calendar.
  • Click Calculate to action your request.

How can managers project leave for their staff member?

  • Click on the Staff Leave option under My Job, and then choose the staff member to take you to their Leave Balance/History screen.
  • Click on the calendar icon to select the date you wish to project leave to.
  • Click Calculate to action your request.

What do the columns in the leave projection spreadsheet mean?

  • The Current balance is the number of hours that your staff member is currently entitled to, less all hours that that have been posted (i.e. processed) within the payroll system.
  • The Total Authorised/Booked is the total number of hours of leave that your staff members have requested (i.e. waiting approval) or has been approved. This leave has not yet been posted (i.e. taken off the employees’ balance) within the payroll system.
  • The Current Available Balance is the total number of hours less any requested or approved leave.
  • Estimated Projection is the total number of hours your staff member will accrue up to the date you specified.
  • Total Projected Available Balance is the staff members’ current balance plus the estimated projected hours.

You are able to export this leave projection information to an Excel or Acrobat (PDF) file. To do this, select the file format you wish to save in and select excel. This will then populate your information in a new screen.

Why are my staff members not displaying or why is there staff displayed who are not in my team?

Casual staff members do not appear in the leave pages on MyHR. If there are other staff who are not displaying or staff who are displaying in error, please contact the HR Helpdesk at

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