Sick Leave

Sick leave entitlement

Most new staff at Massey have an initial entitlement of 10 days for your first year of service, depending on the terms of your employment agreement. Massey may, at its discretion, consider an application for further paid sick leave during this period.

After the first year of employment, dependant on the terms of your employment agreement, Massey operates a ‘wellness’ system. This means that you are eligible to take sick leave on an 'as and when' required basis in circumstances where you are prevented from attending work due to illness or injury. However, if you are absent for longer than 5 days you are required to provide a medical certificate. A medical certificate can be requested at any time for shorter absences.

The sick leave entitlements cover illness or injury for yourself; if you are required to care for your child, partner or family member who is a member of your household; and when a person who depends on you for care is sick or injured. Sick leave entitlements are not unlimited. In circumstances where there are long term absences, or frequent patterns of short term absence, following discussion there are a number of options which may apply including leave on reduced pay or without pay, retirement, or termination of employment. Each case is considered on a case by case basis.

Application for, and approval of, sick leave

You should notify an absence due to illness or injury to your manager whenever possible within 30 minutes of your normal starting time.

As soon as possible following a return to work, you must lodge an application for the sick leave through MyHR. If your absence is due to an injury, either work related or non-work related, you also need to contact the ACC and Rehabilitation Administrator as recording of leave for an injury is different than for illness.

Relationship between sick leave and other leave types

Where a public or University holiday falls within a period of sick leave, you are entitled to that holiday and this is not to be debited against your sick leave.

If illness or injury occurs during a period of annual or long service leave, Massey will permit the period of illness or injury to be recorded as sick or ACC leave provided a medical certificate is provided. The equivalent period will be credited back to your annual or long service leave entitlement. In this instance, you will need to provide the medical certificate to your manager and discuss your leave to be changed to sick or ACC leave.

Medical examinations

Where it is considered that your performance may be impaired by a possible medical condition, Massey may require you to undergo an examination by a registered medical practitioner. Massey reserves the right to require a specialist medical practitioner’s examination and report in specific cases. Should you be found unfit to perform your full duties you may be placed on sick leave in accordance with the relevant clause of your relevant employment agreement. The cost of the medical examination will be met by Massey.

Injury related absences

Any injury related absences should be brought to the notice of the ACC and Rehabilitation administrator, Health and Safety Office within People and Organisational Development. Massey has an Employer Reimbursement Agreement (ERA) with ACC which allows Massey to continue to pay most staff members while they are incapacitated due to injury. ACC reimburses Massey 80% of the injured person's salary which enables the department to cover the person's absence.

You need to record your absence covered by an ACC medical certificate, when the ERA applies, as 'discretionary paid leave - ACC work related or non work related' on MyHR.

Where you are in direct receipt of earnings related compensation from ACC then injury/sick leave shall be treated as leave without pay. This will occur if the employee decides to receive, or ACC decides to pay, earnings related compensation directly to the employee.

Massey is committed to assisting staff incapacitated by injury to return to work as soon as practicable, with due regard for your safety and well-being. Massey will assist you and your ACC case manager with implementing an appropriate rehabilitation plan. Therefore, you may be required to undertake such alternative duties (whether on a full or part-time basis) as are reasonably within your capability and level of fitness. Medical opinion about your capability for work will be considered in relation to the proposed tasks and the physical environment in which the alternative duties would be carried out.

Further information is available at the rehabilitation after injury or illness webpage.

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