IPE Job Evaluation Project

The work undertaken by the Remuneration Working party continues and a significant amount of work has been completed to generate options for a new pay structure; to evaluate positions to understand how individuals would translate to any new pay structure; and to test the financial impact on individuals and on the university of moving to these various options.

The intention of the working party is to have a new job evaluation methodology (Mercer’s International Position Evaluation Methodology, IPE), and Professional Services Staff pay scale which meets the objectives of the university and the union/staff, presented  for approval late this year. 

One of the challenges for the Working Party is to be able to reliably estimate the impact on individuals based on their current job and grading (in terms of what new pay grade and increment system they would translate to) and what the costs (and any savings) will be to the University. Fundamental to the union and the University having confidence in any new system, is to predictably understand these impacts. To that end, to date 339 positions have been evaluated and used as benchmarks for the remaining positions which fall within the current Professional Services salary grades to be “slotted” against. A number of additional evaluations are need to support this need.

To ensure there are a sufficient number of evaluated positions to enable as accurate as possible picture of how this effects individuals and the University, a final round of job evaluations will now start. A number of positions have been identified, and job holders will be contacted shortly to start gathering information with regard to their position. Managers of those job holders will also be required to participate in the process.

Once we have completed the final round of job evaluations, and have agreement on a new Professional Services Staff pay scale, we will communicate the outcomes of the job evaluation process, and what that means for individual staff members. An overview of the job evaluation process can be viewed here

To date there is no consensus with regard to one particular option which would meet the needs of both staff and the University. In particular, despite options which would progressively lift the starting salary level, and reduce the number of increments to progress to a competent level, and provide for salaries above the competent level, the major sticking point is the value and cost of progression increases (increments). All current options involve significant transition costs to the University but also continue the ongoing annual costs of progression, in a way that the University considers unsustainable.  Accordingly, it was agreed that further options should be developed, and that the goal of the joint working party would be to ideally arrive at one option should be presented for consideration by the SLT for its endorsement late this year.

We would like to thank all those that have participated to date, and appreciate your patience. We would also like to thank the members of the job evaluation committee who have previously committed their time to the project. 

A summary of the work undertaken to date can be found here

If you have question please direct these to Peter Nilsen HR/Remuneration Advisor, People and Organisational Development by email P.Nilsen@Massey.ac.nz 

Alan Davis

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