Job Evaluation for Professional Staff

The purpose of job evaluation is to provide a systematic approach to establishing an internal ranking of jobs for pay purposes. Job evaluation is a process of determining the value of a job relative to other jobs within the University and is the process that Massey uses to assign a salary grade to professional staff positions.

It is based on two main principles:

  • that there are certain common elements or factors in all jobs but to a varying degree and
  • that those common elements of factors can be measured and evaluated.

Each professional staff position has a grade assigned to it after an assessment has been undertaken of job factors covering the knowledge, skills and responsibility requirements in the job.

Job evaluation does not attempt to appraise the jobholder's performance and it is only concerned with determining the relative worth of jobs within the University.

Initial evaluation, for new positions

If a new position is being established the HR advisor will contact the head of department and discuss the placement of the position within the professional staff grades so that position will be advertised with a grading and relevant salary scale.

Re-evaluation of a position

A position may be re-evaluated if the duties of a position have changed substantially. The staff member, or their manager, can request that the position be re-evaluated. Reaching the top of a grade is not a valid reason for requesting a job re-evaluation.


Job evaluation questionnaire form

Processing of job evaluation questionnaires

The completed questionnaire is returned to HR Services following which an HR Administrator will contact the staff member to arrange an interview. This is done to ensure all relevant information is gathered and to clarify points where necessary.

The notes taken during the interview will be documented and sent to the staff member for checking and signing. All documentation will then be passed to the Job Evaluation Committee to undertake the formal evaluation. This committee is made up of professional staff drawn from various parts and levels of the University who have been specifically trained in the evaluation methodology.

Once the committee has made a decision, the HR Administrator will prepare a letter advising the grading assigned to the position, where the staff member's current salary falls within the salary range for the grade and when any salary review (if applicable) will be due.

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