Salary Review Process for Professional Staff

As a professional staff member, if your salary is within the range of your grade, your salary will be reviewed annually on either the anniversary date of your appointment or anniversary date of the most recent movement within the range. Annual salary reviews will continue until you reach the maximum for your grade.

Should you take up a new role with a different salary within the University, the commencement date of this new role will become your new anniversary date for salary reviews.

A salary review form will be sent to your manager two months in advance of the annual review date by HR Services.

Your manager will complete the salary review form indicating whether or not performance justifies payment of an increment.

Salary increment amounts for professional staff

Standard increase

If a salary increase is recommended, you will receive the standard increment for your grade until you reach the maximum for that grade. Please refer to the professional salary scales for standard increment rates.

Accelerated increment

In addition to the standard increment a further salary increase of between $500 and $1,500 may be recommended where performance is assessed as having exceeded expectations.

No increment recommended

If you have not performed your duties to the expected standard a performance improvement plan will be put in place that will include a timetable for rectifying the identified performance issue. A further salary review would then take place and, if satisfactory performance has been achieved, then the normal increment will be awarded effective from that review date. This would not normally alter the date of subsequent reviews.

Before the review form is returned to HR Services, you will be given the opportunity to see the recommendation and make comments if you wish.

What if I have been on parental leave, leave without pay or sick?

If you have been absent on parental leave or sick leave, your normal progression through the your salary grade/ range is not affected. Your salary review will be carried out at the appropriate time with effect from your existing anniversary date.

Any other period you take as leave without pay, up to a maximum of two years in total, is ignored for the purposes of determining salary increases and review dates.  

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