Risk Management

Business Continuity Policy

Through the adoption of Business Continuity Management best practices Massey University will achieve its business continuity aim of safeguarding our reputation and public image. This will occur by using best endeavours to meet the needs of staff, students, the wider community, and other critical stakeholders, through ensuring that business critical teaching and research outcomes are not compromised by a major disruptive event.

Business Continuity Policy (161 KB)

Business Continuity Management Framework (staff only)

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Compliance Policy

To ensure that Massey University mitigates its legal and business compliance risks and that it conducts its activities lawfully and responsibly.

Compliance Policy (327 KB)

Register of Compliance Obligations and Responsibilities (staff only)

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Controlled Entities Governance Framework Policy

The Controlled Entities Governance Framework Policy establishes a governance framework to assist Council and University Management to discharge their responsibilities effectively in relation to controlled entities.

Controlled Entities Governance Framework Policy (207 KB)

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Delegations of Authority Document

This document details the delegations of authority in place at any time for the following: financial commitments, contract signing, human resource delegations, student related delegations, engagement of solicitors, use of the University seal, establishment of research centres, space allocation and other general delegations.

A revised Delegations of Authority Policy has been approved by SLT, to become effective from 01 January 2018.

Delegations Policy 2018.pdf (388 KB)

These delegations of authority are consistent with the Massey University Delegations Statute.

For more information please refer to the Delegations Reference Guide below

Emergency Management Policy

To provide a mandate for emergency management activities within the University, and to facilitate appropriate decision-making that protects life, limits damage and minimises business disruption, in order to meet the goals of the Road to 2020 Strategy.

Fraud Prevention Policy

To ensure that the assets and reputation of Massey University and its’ staff are protected from fraudulent misconduct.

Fraud Prevention Policy (62 KB)

Fraud Corruption and Control Plan (staff only)

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Insurance Policy

This Insurance policy statement should be viewed as part of Massey University’s risk management framework. It transfers a defined portion of the financial risk from Massey University to Insurers, and is targeted to situations where the potential financial loss is more than is appropriately born by Massey University through its self-insurance programme.

Insurance Policy (57 KB)

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Official Information Policy

The Official Information Act 1982 provides that official information held by a body such as the University should be made available, unless good reason exists for withholding such information.

Official Information Policy (167 KB)

Official Information Procedures (97 KB)

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Privacy Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures and guidelines for: (a) The collection, use and disclosure of personal information by Massey University. (b) Access by individuals to personal information about themselves held by Massey University.

Privacy Policy (176 KB)

More Privacy resources and information

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Protected Disclosure (Whistle blower) Policy

The purpose of this policy is to facilitate the disclosure and investigation of matters of serious wrongdoing in Massey University or by Massey University and to protect employees who are making disclosures of serious wrongdoing in Massey University or by Massey University that they believe, on reasonable grounds, to be true or likely to be true.

Protected Disclosure Policy (154 KB)

Procedure for the Disclosure of Serious Wrongdoing (177 KB)

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Risk Management Policy

To ensure that risk management forms part of Massey University’s internal control and corporate governance arrangements.

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