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Welcome to Massey University's web page about Turnitin. You will find here all you need to know about using Turnitin @ Massey - an etool to support academic integrity in learning, teaching and research.

Overview of Turnitin

Turnitin is a web-based solution for managing writing assignments. It is made up of three applications: Originality Check for text matching, GradeMark for online marking and PeerMark for online Peer reviewing. Since 2003, Massey University has had a site licence for Turnitin: Originality Check and it now is a seamless plug-in to Stream.

Academic integrity @ Massey

Many of you are aware of the increasing difficulties educational institutions are having dealing with issues of plagiarism. This problem impacts on students as it disadvantages honest students, undermines the credibility of the qualification, and takes up huge staffing resources to investigate potential academic misconduct. Turnitin: Originality Checking is a tool that can help to address this and when used appropriately can reduce this problem. It also can be used to encourage proper citation and intellectual honesty, and provide a check for academic integrity in research.

Massey University has a strong commitment to academic integrity and any form of plagiarism is viewed seriously by this University. Plagiarism is defined by Massey University as:

Presenting as one’s own work the work of another, including copying or paraphrasing of another’s work without acknowledging it as another person’s work through full and accurate referencing. It applies to material presented through written, spoken, electronic, broadcasting, visual, performance or other medium.

Resources and support

For Massey students

For Massey staff


Some videos to check out.

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You can also find out more about Turnitin from http://www.turnitin.com


Research about academic integrity and use of Turnitin


FAQs - Turnitin for Massey students
  1. How do I know how to submit my assignment to Turnitin?
  2. Your lecturer will inform you (usually in your Administration Guide) the procedure he/she has put in place for you to submit your assignment to Turnitin. You should only use one procedure to submit. Instructions can be found on this page in the section called Resources and support: for Massey students, and confirm with your lecturer if you are still not sure.

  3. I get an error each time I try to submit my paper to Turnitin
  4. Sometimes during submission you can get an error. Whether you are using Stream or turnitin.com web application, if you are unable to submit to Turnitin check out the following:

    a.  File types: Turnitin only accepts submissions of document files in the following formats: MS Word, WordPerfect, RTF, PDF, PostScript, and plain text formats. (often seen as Error code 423).

    Turnitin does not accept submissions saved in MS Works or AppleWorks format. You will have to save your assignment in RTF (rich text format) before resubmitting.

    Turnitin will also not accept scanned documents (where the text is actually an image) and where there are few text words.

    b.  Email Address:  To submit an assignment you will need an active email address. When you submit a user profile is updated with your user details, and this includes your email address.
    However when submitting to Turnitin using Stream you may get an error if your email does not match the existing email address in your user profile in Turnitin ( may be seen as Error code 423).

  5. My originality report hasn't appeared
  6. The lecturer decides whether to allow students of the class to see an originality report or not.
    However, assuming that the lecturer has enabled students to access the originality report the time taken for the originality report to appear depends on a number of factors, including the size of the file being uploaded, number of files being uploaded into the assignment, the load on the Turnitin database at the time of uploading and subsequent load until the originality report is completed. For first submissions, this can be a few minutes or greater than 24 hours. For subsequent submissions, the report will not appear for at least 24 hours. This applies for both submission using Stream or Turnitin.com web application.
FAQs - Turnitin for Massey staff 
  1. I want students of my course to submit their assignments to Turnitin.
  2. There is a seamless way in your Stream course to enable submission to Turnitin on upload of assignments to the Assignment activity - Advanced Upload of Files. Check out the instructions about using Stream in the section called Resources and support: for Massey staff on this page.
    However, if you are not using Stream, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

  3. I want to submit only a few documents to Turnitin
    You are able to make random and casual submissions to Turnitin in any Stream course or Prestream (sandbox) site. You can do this by creating an Assignment activity as follows:
    • Assign yourself the role of a student. Go Administration >> Assign roles
    • Add an Activity: Assignments – Advanced Upload of files. Set the date well forward e.g. up until 31 December 2011 with ability to reuse this activity to upload many documents.
    • Enable Turnitin, as instructed in the document above for Massey staff on this page (Resources and support section).
    • Switch your role to a student.
    • Upload the file(s) as a student, and
    • View the Turnitin results in the Stream gradebook of the course.
  4. But caution – if using a current Stream course, make sure the Activity is hidden.

  5. I want to view one of my expired classes in Turnitin.com web application
  6. Each class that is created has an end date. When a class reaches its end date, it expires and enters a read-only state. In Turnitin.com web application, instructors and their students will no longer be able to submit papers to an expired class and the expired class will no longer appear with the active classes.
    To view only expired classes select the tab expired, or select the tab all classes from your Turnitin.com home  homepage. A class can be reactivated from expired status by an instructor by clicking the class update button and from the class update screen, you can change the end date for the class.

  7. I want to share a student assignment with a colleague
    If you are using Stream and your students are submitting their assignments using the assignment activity, you can do this by assigning [another marker] the role of a teacher in your Stream course. In your course Turn editing on and go Administration >> Assign role and select Teacher. Search for the name of the marker and add her as a hidden Teacher. This means you check the Box to hide before clicking on Add. Your marker then will be able to view the assignments of the student in the gradebook of your course in Stream.
    However, if you are not using Stream, and your students have submitted their assignments to a class using Turnitin.com web application, you can give your marker access to your instructor account in Turnitin.com.


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