Previous presentations - 2013

The following visiting scholars were hosted over 2012 and this page provides an archive to some of their presentations and workshops

The Evaluation of Teaching Current thinking on the use of online technology, mobile devices and feedback to students - October 2013

Professor Sid Nair, University of Western Australia.

Professor Nair is a Chemical Engineer by training but his interest in helping students succeed in the applied sciences in higher education led him to further specialise in Science and Technology education. This led him to his many works in improving student life in the higher education system.

He is currently a Professor of Higher Education Development at the Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) at the University of Western Australia. His current role looks at the quality of teaching and learning at UWA. Prior to that Sid held a number of different roles at Monash University in the area quality assurance in education.  

Lessons from Hunters & Gatherers: Strategies for Curriculum Mapping and Data Collection for Assurance of Learning - MAY 2013

Dr Romy Lawson, Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning, James Cook University, Australia
Description: This workshop describes an Australian Government Office Learning and Teaching (OLT) Project on the Assurance of Learning (AOL). AOL is a predominant feature in both quality assurance and enhancement in higher education and is a process that articulates explicit programme outcomes and standards, and systematically gathers evidence to determine the extent to which performance matches expectations. More specifically the workshop is designed to explore the following questions:

Reading Minds at a Distance - January

Dr Jennifer Roberts - Institute for Open and Distance Learning, University of South Africa

ABSTRACT 1: - Reading Minds at a Distance - A case study investigating student motivattion for study at an ODL institution and their expectations regarding employability.

Breaking the Sound Barrier - jANUARY

Professor Ignatius Gous - Department of Biblical and Ancient Studies, University of South Africa

ABSTRACT 2: Breaking the Sound Barrier


Taking forward student engagement through students as partners - JANUARY

By Colin Bryson, Newcastle University, United Kingdom


The notion of student engagement is currently very popular. However the term is used in all sorts of ambiguous ways. In this workshop I shall share current thoughts on how student engagement is conceived in the UK. This will draw on research and particularly on studies which have focussed on how students actually engage. Making sense of this complex construct may then offer some constructive ways of enhancing practice. We shall discuss the RAISE Network (Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement) which has been created to bring together those working on and promoting student engagement. I shall also share reflections on and evaluations of current initiatives to adopt a holistic student engagement strategy at Newcastle. Key to this is working in partnership with the students – a very engaging practice in its own right. Moving towards this creates some tensions, as it challenges staff to let go and challenges students to take on roles and responsibilities that they never had before.


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