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The First Year Experience Symposium: Enhancing Student Success - August 2013

This Symposium follows the recent International First Year Higher Education (FYHE) Conference in Wellington.

This link will take you to the FYHE journal with A/Prof Nick Zepke’s article on student engagement and Prof Mark Brown’s article (with colleagues) on distance student interactions with support services:

 Mark Brown’s slide show and research

 Liz Thomas: Building student engagement and belonging in Higher Education at a time of change (summary)

 Third generation approach to the first year experience ( Kift, Nelson & Clarke):

 Devlin and colleagues: Effective teaching and support of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds (includes institutional advice, teaching advice and student advice):

Ella Kahu’s paper  

The Updated Stream Experience - Taking the Plunge - Online workshop - March/April/may/june 2013

This online course allows participants to experience the updated Stream environment.


Preparing students for the pressure-cooker world of workplace learning 

By Elspeth Tilley, Karl Pajo & Frank Sligo

Elspeth has been supervising interns for more than a decade, at two different tertiary institutions, and was the main designer of the communication internship at Massey. In 2012 she received a Teaching & Learning grant which has funded a literature review into best-practice pedagogies for internships.

Karl is paper coordinator for the Wellington offering of the final year, undergraduate College of Business internship paper. This internship offering is in its establishment phase here in Wellington, but is based on a successful model developed on the Palmerston North campus.

Frank is Professor of Communication in the School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing at Massey University Wellington, and has also taught in universities in the USA and China. He teaches research methods and research design and implementation at masters and doctoral level and is course coordinator of the Communication Internship programme for Wellington.

Diving Deeper – More effective online teaching - February 2013

This fully online course has been designed to help you explore online teaching in more depth, to critically evaluate your own teaching in relation to student learning and to develop approaches that you can implement in your own online courses.

The Centre for Teaching & Learning  - Albany February 2013

1. Manage course content in Stream

 2. Online assessments 

What’s new in Stream 2?  - february 2013

Find out about the new features in Stream2 and how you might exploit them in your online teaching. We have identified the top 5 most useful additions that have the potential to impact on the way you use Stream to teach and the way your students use Stream to learn. This is an informal session with questions and discussion encouraged.

Stream2 Plus: Interactive Scenarios for learning - October 2012


This workshop covered the design and delivery of interactive scenarios for case-based, problem-based or inquiry-based learning.

Applied Learning Seminar - October 2012

‘Integrating Service Learning into the Curriculum - Speaker : Dr Billy O’Steen, Senior lecturer, School of Educational Studies and Human Development, College of Education, University of Canterbury.

This seminar described how Canterbury University have successfully integrated Service Learning into the curriculum through the development of a suite of papers relating to service learning that draw on authentic student experiences, in particular, through the activities of the Student Volunteer Army in Christchurch.

Workshop - Assignments and Stream 2 - October 2012

This workshop will show you how to manage and mark assignments using new functionality in Stream2. We will cover the set up of assignment dropboxes, Stream2’s advanced grading options, Gradebook set up and the process for linking assignment marks to RPS.

Stream2 Plus: Expanding your online teaching - October 2012

This online webinar will introduce you to the possibilities and opportunities that come with using the expanded electronic toolset for teaching and learning. Discover how our Adobe suite products Adobe Presenter and Adobe Connect are being used to improve student online learning experiences. Take a look at how our e-portfolio application MyPortfolio is now integrated with Stream2 and the opportunities that this opens for both teachers and learners.

Workshop - What’s new in Stream 2? - September 2012

Find out about the all-new features in Stream2 and how you might exploit them in your online teaching. We have identified the top 5 most useful additions that have the potential for a big impact on the way you use Stream to teach and the way your students use Stream to learn. This is an informal session with questions and discussion encouraged.

MOST Surveys: How and Why - August 2012


Everything you needed to know about course and teacher surveys. Topics related to the Massey On-line Survey Tool (MOST) a short introduction to the evaluation process followed by Questions and Answers and assistance to initiate your own Semester 2 evaluations.

Applied Learning Seminar - August 2012


The Development of Applied Learning Activities and Programs.  Linking Practice with Theory in Internship Course Design. Engaging Field Work Stakeholders Utilizing Stream, Enhancing Communities of Practice

Teaching Summer School: Designing for Student Success - July 2012


This workshop explored how to design for student learning and success when teaching Summer School papers. Summer School offerings, delivered when services and staffing are at a minimum, present a challenge for optimum student learning and staff management, while presenting opportunities to reconsider how offerings may be shaped to cater for these.

 Digital Teaching and Learning Roadshows - June 2012

The recent Digital Learning Futures Roadshows on all three campuses attracted approximately 130 staff. The Roadshows were well received and had the objective of:

(i) beginning consultation on the development of a Digital Teaching and Learning Strategy;

(ii) introducing staff to the major upgrade of Stream (Moodle), related timelines and who to contact for campus level support; and

(iii) raising awareness of forthcoming policy level changes related to efforts to increasingly provide a rich digital teaching and learning experience.

  Digital Learning Roadshow (4,622 KB)

  Library Digital Roadshow Presentation (1,601 KB)

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