Epidemiology study and training

You can choose from a number of specialist epidemiology papers to study at an undergraduate level, or to contribute towards a master's, postgraduate diploma or postgraduate certificate qualification. Also below you can find stories from graduates of our epidemiology-related programmes.

Epidemiology papers

We offer a number of specialised epidemiology papers that you can include as part of your Massey University degree. You can add undergraduate papers to your current degree, or include postgraduate papers as part of a qualification.

Epidemiology qualifications

Massey University offers internationally-respected postgraduate qualifications in epidemiology at a certificate, postgraduate diploma, master's and PhD level.

Short courses

The EpiCentre can tailor-make short courses to suit your organisation's needs. We bring international experience and collaborations to provide relevant and topical information. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Postgraduate qualifications

Postgraduate Certificate in Science

This 60 credit qualification is an introduction to postgraduate study. Should you do well in your study you may be able to progress to postgraduate diploma or master's programmes.

Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Science (Veterinary Epidemiology)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Science involves taught papers, although often a project may be included. It is a 120 credit qualification. You will gain in-depth expertise in a wide range of epidemiology principles and skills.

Master of Veterinary Studies (Epidemiology)

The Master of Veterinary Studies (MVS) is a 180 credit programme. offering training in epidemiology and veterinary public health, including a final year research project. It is the only veterinary epidemiology speciality programme in Australiasia.

Doctor of philosophy (PHD)

PhD projects provide opportunities for advanced research training.You can work with our internationally-renowned epidemiologists to focus on the area that interests you.

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