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Dietetics is the application of evidence-based nutritional science to individuals and groups in health and various states of disease. Registered Dietitians (RD) are uniquely qualified to translate the latest nutritional science into practical dietary advice.

The dietetics team at Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology aims to enrich the lives of New Zealanders through knowledge generation, evidence-based research and practice and timely dissemination of knowledge in the specialised field of dietetics and human nutrition.

Our team members are skilled in undertaking high quality and relevant research in the areas of dietetic practice, dietary assessment, obesity, metabolic health, healthy ageing and public health nutrition. We support the Massey vision to create, connect and innovate and foster a strong team culture underpinned by trust, respect and support. As a team we connect and collaborate with key stakeholders in the clinical, public health, food service and research environments.

The team strives to build credibility, visibility and accessibility in the field of dietetics and human nutrition through research and enterprise, sound practice, partnerships, marketing and scholarships. We aspire to provide the leading education and training programme for dietetic professionals in all the domains of practice including clinical nutrition, food service management, public health nutrition, and to deliver excellence in research.

A range of contracts and projects are in progress with the Ministry of Health (MOH), District health Boards (DHB’s), Primary Health Organisations (PHO’s), corporate companies, Health and Research Council (HRC). We are privileged to have three large research studies associated with the Dietetics Team:

Our team vision is to create, connect and innovate; undertaking high quality, relevant research in dietetic practice, nutritional  assessment, obesity, metabolic health, healthy ageing and public health nutrition.

Rozanne Kruger Dietetics Team Leader

Team leader: Assoc Prof Rozanne Kruger, NZRD, RD(SA)

Tel: 414 0800 x 43661 or 09 2136661


Rozanne Kruger is Associate Professor of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand. She is a registered dietitian and director of the MSc Nutrition and Dietetics programme. Her areas of research are dietary and nutritional assessment, determinants of obesity, and food-based approaches as solutions. Rozanne’s research interests include clinical nutrition and dietetics, dietary and body composition assessment, dietary patterns, and dietary diversity.

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