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Life at Ferg

"I was really nervous about moving here, but the Orientation Programme really helped me settle in and make friends." - 2015 resident

Community spirit at Ferg

One of the great things about living in a hall is that there is always something to do and people to hang out with. Participating in all the different planned and sometimes impromptu events, helps you make friends and will give you heaps of awesome memories to look back on!

Ferg may have a leadership team who have overall responsibility for the running of the hall, but their main goal is to make each resident’s stay as enjoyable as possible. They do this by getting residents involved with what happens at Ferg by encouraging students to join the Social Committee, help with events, and give their input at hall and hall rep meetings. There are heaps of ways that individuals can have an impact on the community spirit that gets built each year, by getting involved in activities and events, having random conversations with everyone in the lounges or kitchens and by helping out those who may be having a hard time. Despite having over 80 residents, everyone looks out for each other at Ferg, giving the Hall a strong community feel.

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Academic success

We want our residents to succeed in their studies, after all, that is the main reason you’re at university. Each year, about one quarter of residents are returning students, which means that there is a strong likelihood that another 

resident would have taken some of your first year courses and will therefore be able to help you with exam preparation and assignments. At the beginning of the year, the leadership team helps establish study groups so you know who’s doing your courses and who to ask for more information. In the weeks leading up to exams, Ferg sets up some tutorials for common courses to help make you feel more confident with your studies. There are also heaps of quiet places to study apart from your room, like the study room in the House, music room, and games room during study week.

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The social committee

The social committee is made up of students from within the hall and is set up each year at the beginning of the first semester. Anyone can be on the social committee; all you have to do is volunteer. In fact first years are encouraged to get involved. You do have to put in a little work to help organise events but the reward is being able to have a personal say in what goes on.

Hall events

Orientation weekend: your life at Ferg kicks off with an orientation weekend at the start of semester one to help you get to know others at Ferg, and what life at Ferg is like.  This compulsory weekend will help you make a great start to your year in the Hall.
Crazy sports:
this is the first inter-hall competition that is held down on the Turitea campus at the beginning of semester one and gives Fergies a chance to show the other halls just what we are made of!
House versus cottages:
for one weekend only, it’s Fergies against Fergies as each side of the Hall aims to be victorious! Of course this is all in good spirit and the events are not intended to be anything more than a laugh!
Angels and mortals:
ever wondered what it would be like to have a secret admirer? Well, Ferg gives you the chance to know how it feels and also what it’s like to be the giver. For one week, you will do something nice for somebody and somebody else will do something nice for you.
Dessert competition: are you a whizz in the kitchen? Then this event would be perfect for you. Let your imagination run wild and make a yummy dessert to win cool prizes and get the honour of being the best baker at Ferg.
Fergusson Hall Triathlon.JPG Inter-hall sports leagues: each week Ferg residents compete in indoor social sports with other Massey students in football, netball and basketball.  Games last around 40 minutes and we take our van down to the Massey Recreation Centre, making this a great study break.  Supporters often go along to cheer the team. 
Inter-hall competitions: each year Ferg and a Wellington hall compete in a friendly competition, each trying to claim the glory of possessing the Golden Gnome! There’s a chance for everybody to shine, whether it’s in a sporty way by playing netball or soccer or for the brainy there’s a quiz and other cool random activities.
Tramps: if you feel like getting out of Palmy for the day or night then there are some beautiful scenic walks that you can enjoy. The Manawatu Gorge Track is not far away and is relatively easy, only about 3 hours long. Another Ferg favourite is the Tongariro Crossing which is an overnight tramp and an experience to treasure. 
Fergusson Hall Kitchen.JPG Reorientation week: this happens at the beginning of Semester 2 and is a great chance to catch up with everybody after the holidays and to meet new Fergies. It’s a week of cool activities such as a movie and games night, bowling, pool and table tennis competition and paintball. 
International food festival: each year Ferg is made up of a wide range of people from different cultures and backgrounds and this day is a chance to get to know them better. Always lots of delicious food to go around, in the past we’ve had dishes from Colombia, Sweden, Japan, China, Germany, Vietnam, England and France.
Girls and guys night: a chilled out night where everyone relaxes and has fun with members of the same gender. For the girls this usually includes eating heaps of junk food, watching movies, playing games and painting nails. For the guys it’s more rugby (or whatever sport is on) and enjoying BBQ food. 
Fergusson Hall Formal Dinner.jpg Formal Dinner: One of the highlights of the Ferg events calendar! Everyone gets all dressed up and goes out to a flash venue for a high evening. The yearly Hall awards are presented as everyone reminisces over the year that was.

Of course, living with so many people means there are always lots of spontaneous events that take place, such as sports games out on the field, board games, movie nights and games of pool. But don’t worry, despite all these events there’s still plenty of time to study while you're living at Ferg! 

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