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Living in the Halls of Residence

Departing the Halls

What do I need to do before leaving the Halls?


How do I apply for accommodation?

You can apply online: . Then you must make sure your reference is sent to us. Your application will be complete when your reference is received.

When is the best time to apply for the coming year's accommodation?

Between 1stAugust and 1st October, applications completed after Oct 1st may not be considered for the first rounds of offers.

Is there a deadline for applications for the coming year?

Yes. The deadline is the 1st October, for your application to be considered in the first rounds of offers. If you miss the deadline you can still apply, but you may be put on a waitlist.

Is the application process different for International Students?


  • Internationals students under 18 cannot stay in a Hall. They must stay at Homestay.
  • Internationals over 18 should apply online and then wait to be contacted. They do not need a reference and will hear from us as soon as their offer of study is confirmed. The application fee is charged alongside all other fees, so international students do not need to pay before they get an offer for the Halls.

How is the allocation of the rooms determined and who gets an offer?

The Pastoral Care staff go through each application and make rooming decisions looking at the following:

Students who are aged 17 to 19, are first year students at University, live well outside the greater-Wellington area, and/or have demonstrated a high level of contribution to their school and community will receive priority. We work towards building a diverse and strong community within our hall, by taking into consideration gender balance, cultural diversity, personal interests and study programme

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, you do have to sign a binding Residential Agreement. Our full year residential agreements are for 42 weeks. There are penalties for breaking this  agreement.

Can I view the rooms/apartments prior to moving in?

Wellington Campus has the Open Day on Sept 1st 2017. At other times of the year we do try and help with tours but at least 48hours’ notice is required. If you would like to view the apartments, please contact us through

Am I guaranteed my first choice of accommodation?

No. With high demand and a limited number of rooms we are not able to offer everyone their first option.

How much does it cost to stay in a Hall?

The full cost of your accommodation will depend on the Hall and type of accommodation you are offered. Some costs are the same across any Hall such as the $500 Bond and $120 Activity Fee. Other costs such as Chattels Fee and Accommodation Fees (rent) depend on the type of accommodation you are offered.

All applicants will pay a deposit of $1200 to secure their offers, the due date of your deposit will depend on the offer date. Then each applicant will choose how to pay the remaining Accommodation Fees, by choosing Option A, B or C in their contract and paying the correct amount on the due date. We encourage you to study the options carefully and choose the option that best suits your budget. For more information on the payment plans available, visit the Hall pages on our website.

The $1200 deposit covers the following:

The Cube Hall 5 bed 3 Bed  Studio
Accommodation fee deposit $425 $415 $360
Bond $500 $500 $500
Activity fee  $120 $120 $120
Chattels $155 $165 $220

Kāinga Rua Hall Single Twin share
Accommodation fee deposit $360 $430
Bond $500 $500
Activity fee $120 $120
Chattels $220 $150

When are payments due?

For 2018 tenancies, the dates below reflect when the first 3 rounds of offers are sent out and subsequent payments are required to secure the offers. Not making payment by the due date will cause your offer to be withdrawn.

Offer sent Deposit payment deadline Residential Fee Payment Deadline
Fri Oct 6th Fri Oct 20th Fri Dec 8th
Fri Oct 27th Fri Nov 10th Fri Dec 15th
Fri Nov 17th Fri Dec 1st Fri Dec 15th

What is a bond?

It is a deposit to cover any damages done to your apartment or the common areas of the Accommodation Hall while you were living there.

If I withdraw from the Halls after making payments, do I get my money back?

The application fee of $75.00 is non-refundable. All other amounts paid, such as the deposit and the first payment, as fully refundable if the withdrawal is received via email to no later than January 19th 2018. After that date, penalties will apply.

To read our Withdrawal Guidelines, click here Release Forms (167 KB) .

Living in Student Accommodation

What chattels/appliances are supplied in each residence?

Please look at the Hall pages for a chattels list.

What furniture is provided in my room?

Cube Hall

  • Rooms in a 5 or 3 bedroom unit: 1 double bed, a wardrobe, a desk and chair.
  • Studio Rooms: 2 single beds, 2 wardrobes, a desk and chair, a small storage unit and a mini (bar) fridge (No freezer is available).

Kāinga Rua Hall

  • Single rooms: 1 double bed, a wardrobe, a desk and chair, a small storage unit and a mini (bar) fridge (no freezer is available).
  • Twin share rooms: 2 single beds, 2 wardrobes, 2 desks and 2 chairs, small storage unit and a mini (bar) fridge (no freezer is available).

Since residents may want to store a few frozen items, a communal freezer is available in each block of Kāinga Rua.

Is accommodation mixed gender or single sex?

You are asked for your preference during the application stage. Due to the uneven numbers of males/females in our halls, fulfilling all requests is not possible.

Can I put up pictures, posters or other artefacts in my room?

Yes, feel free to personalize your room and make yourself comfortable. Make sure you do not use permanent fixtures to attach anything to the walls. We suggest the use of re-usable adhesive, such as “Blu Tack”.

What do I need to bring with me?

Bedroom Essentials

  • A duvet, a sheet set, a duvet cover, and a pillow.

A mattress protector is provided as part of the apartment chattels. A blanket is also a good idea since we sometimes do evening events.

  • 2 bath towels and an over the door hanger so these towels can be hung after use. The over the door hanger is quite important and if possible we would recommend 2 of those.
  • Doorstop – Keeping the bedroom door open will not only make it easier to ventilate the bedroom, but most importantly it will reduce the “lockout charges”. Each resident gets one lockout for free, and then they get charged $20 to $50 for each. A $10 doorstop is really important and saves money! Some of the best doorstops are plastic or small sandbags.
  • Clothes hangers – at least 20 per person.
  • A desk/bedside lamp. Simple and necessary. Will make your room cosier and will help you study.
  • A power board/multi box. All electrical devices will be inspected and if they are found to be of unacceptable quality/uncompliant or at risk of causing breakdowns in the apartment, they will be confiscated. A good quality power board may cost up to $60, depending on the model. However, with the number of devices we all have nowadays, it is important to bring a high quality board for your room. A good idea is to buy a power board with at least 4 power plugs and USB ports.

Bathroom Essentials

  • First-aid kit/Medicines. Most residents have no idea what to take for basic headaches and tummy aches. A first aid kit with bandages and antiseptic spray is also a good idea. On this topic, all residents should have the name and details of their GP and register with the University’s Health Services on their first week.
  • If you take any medication, make sure you bring some with you.
  • Condoms and/or other contraceptives.

  • A laundry bag that can be carried to the Laundry Room is a necessity. Simple, easy and durable is the way to go. Something of about 60cmx30cmx30m should be fine, but it all depends on personal preference.

    Cube Hall
    Bathroom space is limited, so it is important to consider the amount of hair and body products that can be realistically stored in common areas. Ideally, each resident would have a plastic basket of about 30cmx15cm to store his/her items in the bathroom.

    Kāinga Rua Hall
    You will have your own bathroom, but space is limited.

Other Items

  • Lots and lots of gold coins! Our laundry machines operate with $1 and $2 dollar coins.
  • Each wash/dry is $3.
  • Kāinga Rua laundry: TBA.
  • Clothes drying racks - Please do not bring these before you have actually seen the size of your room. No clothing may be hung on windows

May I move in to my room earlier than the nominated date?

No. You may move into your room after the start date of your agreement but not before.   International students may get special permission depending on flight arrangements. But no other exceptions.

If I don’t settle in with my flatmates can I transfer to a different apartment?

Our Pastoral Care Team has a lot of experience helping students settle in. They will liaise with you about your issues and help find a viable solution.

Where do I park my bike/car?

Cube Hall
We do have a secured bike shed and if you wish to apply for it you will be issued a key; but we do not take responsibility for items stored in it. There are a small number of car parks available. Please contact us if you would like further details, as additional costs are involved.
Please note: In 2018, it is likely that our garage will undergo repairs/painting so parks will not be available for the whole 42 week period of your tenancy.

Kāinga Rua Hall
Limited parking spaces are available for rent. Our office will take requests from February 18th 2018.

What is the Chattels Fee for?

Cube Hall
The Chattels fee covers the cost of the chattel items you receive on arrival. Each apartment has a set of chattels which the tenants may take with them when they leave.

Kāinga Rua Hall
Each room will get a chattels pack which the tenants may take with them when they leave.

Note: Please see hall pages to see the full list of chattels included.

Can I remove furniture and fittings from my room?

No. We do not have storage space and you are responsible for the furniture and fittings of your room for the duration of you stay.

Can I bring my own bed?

No. The furniture in your apartment and room is standard.

Where can I do my shopping?

You can shop online with major supermarkets. There is also Pak’ n’ Save , New World, and Countdown which are on a bus route from the Uni. The RAs will take you on a tour shortly after you arrive.

What is my mailing/postal address?

For the Cube Hall use:

Your name, Room number

The Cube 240-242 Taranaki Street

Mt Cook

Wellington, 6011.

For Kāinga Rua Hall use:

TBA in late January 2018.

Can I receive parcels at the Halls?

Yes. The office organises parcels daily and makes them available during RA duty. (4:00pm - 6:30pm). All parcels must have resident's name and room number clearly stated.

Should I take personal contents insurance?

We strongly advise you to take out insurance for your personal belongings. Liability insurance is also a great idea in case you accidentally damage the building. Please read your agreement for liability information.

Is there wireless internet?

Yes, both the Cube Hall and Kāinga Rua have contracted internet services which you can access from the Halls. Each hall has their own internet packages available. Information on internet access is available on the Hall pages.

What are the approximate costs of living in Wellington?

Between $80 to $100 on groceries. You will need to purchase an internet package – that can be done monthly for $45.00. There are cheaper packages for longer sign-ups.

Departing the Halls

What do I need to do before leaving the Halls?

Leaving the Halls at the end of the year when your studies are done or your tenancy ends is simple: contact the office and book your checkout. Do not leave without booking a checkout. Anyone wanting to leave the Halls before the end of their Residential Agreement must speak to the office before moving out. There are guidelines for withdrawal and early release from the agreement is only granted under specific circumstances. See below to read about the Early Release from Residential Agreement guidelines.

Release Forms (167 KB)

Please note: An Early Release of Residential Agreement will only be approved in certain circumstances and is at the discretion of the Student Life Services Manager.  There are fees involved, and in most cases, you will need to pay until the end of the current semester.

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