Applying for Accommodation

The Application Process

Online applications for 2017 open on 1 August 2016. To apply, you must submit an online application. Students who have studied in New Zealand within the past two years must arrange for their school to provide a Common Confidential Reference (CCRF). You must also pay a $75 non-refundable application fee.

To have your application considered within the first round of applications, you must submit your online application, supply a reference and pay the $75 application fee by 1 October 2016. All applications completed after this date will be placed on a waitlist. You do not have to have gained admission to Massey University before applying for accommodation.

Paying the Application Fee

The application fee must be paid before your application will be considered, and is non-refundable. You need to deposit this money in our account. The account information is listed here in the payment details.

Arranging a reference

You must arrange a reference. If you have studied at a NZ high school within the last two years, you must ensure that your school provides a Common Confidential Reference (CCRF). You can visit the CCRF website and complete a request form that will automatically be sent to your school, asking them to provide a Common Confidential Reference Form for you. Your school will then either upload your reference online, or email it to us. We will not accept references that come directly from students.

If you have been on a gap year, you may wish to provide us with a more recent reference from an employer, tutor, or community member to support your application. Your referee must email your reference directly to

More Info

Provide us with accurate information about yourself. Carefully consider your answers to questions and provide us with detailed responses. This information will be used to select students who can build a strong community within our Hall, and helps us to place you with suitable flatmates. Include any medical or welfare information. The more you tell us about your habits, routine and lifestyle, the better we can match you with other applicants.

Only submit one application. If you would like to amend your application, please email us at Submitting more than one online application will hold up your application.

If you wish to see our accommodation prior to your application you can request a private tour, please contact us at least one week in advance. The Cube office at or the 222 Office at We love showing prospective tenants around!

The Selection Process

Who gets an offer?

Students who are aged 17 to 19, are first year students at University, live well outside the greater-Wellington area, or have demonstrated a high level of contribution to their school and community will receive priority. We work towards building a diverse and strong community within our hall, by taking into consideration gender balance, cultural diversity, personal interests and study programme. It is important to provide as much information as possible in your application, by listing any community involvement, leadership roles, sporting or cultural interests, and musical abilities. You can also record any acknowledgement you have received from your school or community, like prizes or scholarships you have been awarded.

Where possible, you will be placed in an apartment according to the preferences you have indicated in your application. However, it is not always possible to provide everyone with their first choice.

The 2017 Offer Process

An offer of accommodation does not equal acceptance into a University Programme. If you receive an offer of accommodation from the Cube Hall or 222 Willis and you do not get accepted into your programme of study, your offer will be withdrawn.

The first round of Offers will be emailed to students in early October. If we are unable to provide you with an Offer in the first round, your application may be waitlisted. Historically, our waitlist has moved quite rapidly, and many students have received a late Offer. We will keep in touch with you!

As students decline their Offers, students from the waitlist will be offered places. This can happen any time between October and February. Please ensure that you have provided us with accurate contact details so that we can contact you if a place becomes available. Please regularly check your emails during this period, as if we do not hear from you regarding an available place within the stated timeframe, it will be offered to another waitlisted student.

We may not be able to provide you with your preference of apartment type, or location however we strongly encourage you to accept any late Offer you receive, as it is unlikely you will receive a second late Offer. If you do not receive a late Offer by early February, we encourage you to start looking at alternative accommodation, such as a room within a private flat.

Complete Your Application In Three Steps


Submit an online application

Apply online now!>

ARRANGE A Common Confidential Reference Form (CCRF)

Visit the CCRF website to complete a request form that will ask your school to provide this for you.

pay the $75 application fee

You need to deposit this fee into the account listed here,  Application Fee Payment Details 2017 (337 KB)


accepting your 2017 offer

222 Willis Residential Handbook 2017.pdf

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