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If you have been an active person most of your life, it is highly likely that you have needed some sort of physiotherapy at some stage. Massey Uni Sports and Rec centre has a strong relationship with one of the leading providers of Physiotherapy in Auckland, PhysioOne. Convieniently located right within our gym.

PhysioOne have systems in place to help you recover fully from your injury as fast as is practicably possible by:

  1. Prompt rapid assessment and diagnosis
  2. Forwarding your case (if necessary) to our Sports Physician for consultation 
  3. Effective treatment plan using the fewest amounts of sessions possible and the best home exercise routine
  4. Ending with suggested gym exercises that can be added to your gym programme to complete the re-conditioning of the injured area. You therapist will consult with your gym instructor within the rec centre to ensure the correct guidelines are followed.

Please do not hope that your injury will heal correctly without assistance, they normally do not. The longer you leave it without the correct treatment the smaller the chance of the area returning to 100%. You may very well be given a little "homework" to do to rehabilitate the injury, this may at times be a bit of a nuisance, but please adhere to the programme. This reduces the risk of recurrence.

For more information visit or call 09 5208218 for an appointment.

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