Terry Rivers

Terry (“the boss”) catches dreams.  And turns them into strategy and plans.  He’s always thinking ahead and planning for next year.

Terry first worked at the Rec Centre in 1988 (yes, that’s before some of us were born!), but he left in 1990 and spent 18 years in the USA managing sport and recreational facilities in Idaho and Minnesota. 

Terry returned to Massey in 2007 and now he spends his days running from meeting to meeting, dealing with equipment and facility set-up and answering numerous emails. 

Managing the Recreation Centre involves a variety of tasks but to Terry selling a membership or checking out a basketball is just as important to the person receiving the service, as is the planning needed to run a large facility.  He loves it here because “we have a chance to make a difference in people’s lives.  We are lucky enough to work in an environment that lets us feel-connected, involved, appreciated and recognized.”

When he’s not working Terry’s real passion is the beach.  He loves a good old fashioned roast and his perfect night out is simple - good company, a great meal and interesting conversation. 

To contact Terry phone 350 5925 (or 83874 internal) or email t.rivers@massey.ac.nz


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