Join the Massey University Gym community for the last group challenge of the year!

From Tuesday 23rd October to Sunday 16th December (8 weeks), participate in our gym challenge to work towards the results you want to see this year. The challenge is ideal for people new to exercising in a gym, or for those who need some help getting back into a routine.


Everyone is unique. We have different needs, wants and desires that are individual to us. We’ve come up with a range of quick, easy and effective fitness assessments to meet most people’s aspirations. The basic fitness assessment includes:

  • Push ups
  • Air squats
  • Pull ups
  • 500m row

If you want to make this more unique to your goals (say running), we can switch the row to a run.

If you’re not yet at a point where a single pull-up or push up is possible, we can modify the movement to something you can do.

If you want something a little more specific, we can also offer:

  • Body weight measurement
  • Hip to waist ratio
  • Selected skin fold testing
  • Pre-and-post photos (using your camera of course)

And if there is something else that you really have your mind set on, let us know and we will devise something specific for you.


Start with two workouts a week

Once you know the direction you are heading, your team will help you with weekly check-ins. At its core, the challenge is built on two 30-35min workouts each week. In any week, if you’ve got time and energy and want to do additional workouts, extra challenges or more homework – then we can help out. Just remember, all you need to commit to is two 30-35min workouts each week.

Regularly check-ins with your team

Small consistent steps in the right direction add up to big changes over time. Your team will be there every week, to offer some friendly support and make sure every workout is moving you in the direction you want to go. We will plan out some weekly check-ins (that fit with your schedule), and all you’ve got to do is meet us there. Life does have a tendency of getting a little crazy sometimes, so if things change, just let us know and we can re-book your session.

Weekly video demonstrations

We will post the next workouts online for you at the start of each week. That gives you a first look-over of what to expect this week, and a chance to ask any questions to your team before you start. Even if you’re out of town for a week, you can still keep track of what the next workout is.


You can join the challenge at any time, but to get the most out of it aim to join us in week one. The first workouts start Tuesday 23rd October (the day after Labour Monday). If you can’t start in the first week, we can make some adjustments to get you started when you can. 

There is no cost to this challenge, it is free to all of our gym members. Think of it as an early Christmas gift from us to you.

Register now using the link below, or come on into the gym and talk to one of your friendly team.

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